Thursday, January 13, 2011


For the past two years, a conservative Civility Project has attempted to get Republicans and Conservatives to make the following pledge:

I will be civil in my public discourse and behavior.

I will be respectful of others whether or not I agree with them.

I will stand against incivility when I see it.

The three signers were: Senator Joseph Leiberman, Representative Frank Wolf, and Representative Sue Myrick.

According to the founder of the Civility Project, Mark DeMoss:
The worst e-mails I received about the civility project were from conservatives with just unbelievable language about communists, and some words I wouldn't use in this phone call," DeMoss told The Times. "This political divide has become so sharp that everything is black and white, and too many conservatives can see no redeeming value in any liberal or Democrat. That would probably be true about some liberals going the other direction, but I didn't hear from them.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Toxic speech has consequences

According to Bill Press:
And it’s no accident something like this happened in America after a season of gun-filled rhetoric from right-wing politicians. Sharron Angle called for “Second Amendment remedies.” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) urged her constituents to be “armed and dangerous.” Jesse Kelly, Giffords’s Republican opponent in November, invited voters to shoot a fully automatic M16 with him in order to “Remove Gabrielle Giffords from Office.” And, of course, there was Sarah Palin’s disgusting crosshairs map.

Make no mistake about it. Words have consequences. This is one more case of anti-government hate rhetoric leading to violence against government officials. And the more we tolerate this kind of toxic talk from politicians and right-wing talk show hosts, the more of this senseless violence we’re going to see.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Virginia is not set up for Uranium Mining.

Think about it....the issue is NOT jobs. That's the camouflage to put everyone at risk so a "Few" can make billions and leave the rest of us with the clean up bills.

If the US government can't control the corporations that are destroying our environment the how can Virginia's state government even hope to regulate the uranium interests?