Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Allen's Staffers Assault a Virginian Citizen Asking Questions

Another Macaca Incident.

These look like the same Allen Staffers who have accompanied Allen on his Tidewater visits. Beware Folks....If you want to ask Allen a question if his staffers don't like the question you may end up assaulted.

George Allen told the press that stuff like this happens.....

This video on YouTube shows the assault...

As far as news in Virginia goes this definitely TRUMPS the Kerry story the media is hyping. So it will be intereting to see if Virginia's "lame stream press" will give this latest incident the coverage it deserves.

Thanks to Not Larry Sabato and Raising Kaine blogs for getting this out.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sign Wars in Portsmouth, VA

I have lesbian friends who live peacefully in Portsmouth VA. They are both community activists. One of them walks daily in the park and has an organic garden in the front yard that the neighbors rave about.

Their Webb signs were stolen...AND a large 6 foot by 4 foot "swiftboat" vets for George sign was put up NEXT to their house on the city owned Railroad tracks.....They did the right thing...they called the city who got it down within two days.

They called last night upset b/c now the vet sign was back up AND 4 vote yes signs were placed in front of it.

This morning they called. It seems their neighbors got upset at the divisiveness in the neighborhood. The neighbors decided to take it upon themselves to take down the signs, save the city some money, and show their support for their neighbors.
Their neighbors are disgusted with the divisiveness and nastiness of the Allen people. These neighbors have decided they are now voting for Jim Webb.

My friends are feeling much better now. They figured the Allen contingent is stupid enough to keep putting that sign back up...AND more of their neighbors will end up defecting.

They now have two vote no signs in their yard and hope to have replacement Webb signs up tomorrow with another sign that says...they've been stealing our signs!!!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Senator Warner, Allen And Drake Promoting the Marriage Amendment

It appears that Warner, Allen and Drake will be at 1520 Little Creek Road tomorrow. There's going to be a PRO Marriage Amendment rally there. The event is 3-5 pm.

Funny....they didn't advertise this one ot the general public.....


Lynn Cheney wrote a lesbian novel and then

she condems Jim Webb on the Wolf Blitzer show?

I think Cheney is jealous because Webb is a much better writer and he wins awards....

There is a copy of Sisters online in pdf format here But I'll warn you...it's not a great read.

Friday, October 27, 2006

So much for the Corporate Media

I know lots of folks believe the corporate propaganda that the media is liberal.

So why has NBC refused to air paid advertisements of the Dixie Chicks new film "Shut Up and Sing?" According to Variety, "NBC’s commercial clearance department said in writing that it ‘cannot accept these spots as they are disparaging to President Bush.’”

A video of the commercial and more info is available here

I hope NBC gets LOTS of complaints. They are using our PUBLIC AIRWAVES to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH.

If Folks have had it with negative campaign ads...

Then Allen does not stand a chance to be re-elected. He is currently the KING of Negative Campaign Ads.

But when you don't have a record to run on....It seems all Allen has got is money to run negative campaign ads.

Virginians deserve so much better than Allen. I hope they realize this and make it to the polls on November 7th to vote for Webb.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cheney says Bush Administration ALLOWS Waterboarding

According to Dick Cheney Waterboarding is not torture....Maybe Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld nee to experience waterboarding for themselves?

Here's the link

Great New Dems Ad Exposes Another Bushite LIE

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Voting Machines FAVORING Allen

Virginia's electronic voting machines in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville will not be able to accomodate George Allen's party affiliation. How's that for helping Allen distance himself from his record of beinga a Bush Republican?

Even worse, Allen's opponent's last name will be left off b/c these same voting machines don't have the room to accomodate his opponent's name.

So it will be George F. Allen versus Janes H. "Jim" Dem

How's that for fair elections Virginia style?

Yahoo is the source

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Webb and Allen at NAACP Update

I "hear" that Webb was very well received at the NAACP...and there was so much applause and cheering during his speech that they had to ask the audience to stop so Webb could finish his speech.

I also "hear" that the local press got it wrong. Webb is now a lifelong member of the NAACP...LOL...George Allen took out the "thirty dollar" member for one year. Allen is such a cretin!!

Anyway....the Allen camp is having a difficult time finding legal places to put their signs and they are going up in illegal public areas.

So report them as you see them people....Allen should not get away with all the rule breaking he likes to do. I guess he's practicing to be Bush's heir????


Friday, October 20, 2006

Maybe we should stop having elections?

If you listen to the Republican spin you might start to think that elections are a bad idea.....It was just so convenient that the Foley sexual predator scandal came out "right before an election"....and now those damn "insurgents" are increasing their attacks b/c of the US elections.

Well, Mr. Bush...The New York Times HELD BACK the wiretapping story (while you campaigned and told the American people that no such program existed) when you were running for re-election...they held it for an entire year. I guess you prefer the media to listen to your commands...

Now you have the military making this political spin with no proof whatsoever. It's more feasible that the insurgency is "surging" because it's the month of Ramadan and the attacks typically increase during this time period. Combine that with the fact that you recently fired two of their top leaders who were top commanders in the police force, along with arresting a top leader on Tuesday.....and you have stirred up a hornet's nest.

Now you are using the military to put out Republican spin and distort our political process evidenced by the daily press briefing by Major General Caldwell yesterday.

Precise quotes are difficult because CNN broke in with a special report on Caldwell's daily briefing. They QUICKLY cut away after the Major General uttered two sentences to cover some dribble (It may have been the sting ray that jumped into the boat and attacking an elderly man)......But here's the gist of what Caldwell said.

Caldwell stated that the stepped-up insurgent violence may be part of an effort to influence the American elections....so far so good Caldwell is following the Republican line.Previously, Caldwell consistently blamed the increased attacks on Ramadan...but "today" he started using the Republican "spin." I doubt that was an accident and probably one reason why CNN was featuring this as a "special report" and broke into their progarmming with the briefing.

I have a feeling CNN cut away from the briefing because of what he started to say after this. Caldwell went on to say that the Baghdad situation is "deteriorating" (attacks increased by 22 percent). Caldwell said that the "Forward Together" plan is not working and needs to be reassessed. Despite increased US troops and joint US/Iraq operations.

The US Military should not be used to sway political elections....The military should not just state a Republican talking point with no evidence to back it up. This is the Pentagon INTERFERING with the American election process.

According to Will Bunch, "What General Caldwell said amounts to political slander. Democrats and others who care about the political process here at home should comdemn it quickly, because slander has a way of spreading....The Congressional Iraq Study Group says that civil war is weeks away, even though it looks like it's here already. Why isn't CNN reporting this story by the Reuters news agency, that Sunnis in parts of Iraq are already declaring an independent state..."

Shame on George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and the Republican party for using the Pentagon to help them spin and try to win an election.

More details available here

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Breaking news Iraq

CNN had a "short" newscast from Baghdad with Caldwell making a statement that the situation in Iraq is worsening and that we are going to have to re-think what we are doing....the network then cut to a fountain of youth report and nothing more is being said about Caldwell's press announcement (of which was not broadcast in its entirety.)

It sounds like the civil war in Iraq is worsening. Hopefully, Al Jazeera will be able to cover this soon....


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Riverbend Lives! Baghdad Burning is Back!!

I just visited Baghdad Burning and River is up and running again.

If only the Corporate Media would publish River's words about Iraq to add some much meeded perspective to balance out the Bush and Corporate Propaganda that floods America's media.

Thank Heavens for the internet. This post is a must read. Read it here

Monday, October 16, 2006

We can publicly finance our elections.

The United States is going to spend 42 million to "influence" the Palestinian election.

If the United States would stop meddling in the free elections of other countries and allow the citizens in those country the right of self-determination without outside interference....we could divert all of that money used worldwide to finance our own elections. (That 42 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what they are allegedly spending in South America to influence elections in Brazil, Venezuela and Nicaragua) This would include the money that is spent to spread "propaganda journalism" around the world; propaganda that finds its way back to the USA to distort the viewpoints of US citizens.

Besides the goodwill this will foster...no one wants another country interfering with their election process...except, perhaps, for the small 1% "elite" minority at the top.

with public financing other countries (for example China and Israel) would no longer be able to "influence" US elections. There will no longer be justification for our elected representatives to take money or gifts for anyone.

Oh my gosh, this could be the end of the corporations controlling the American government.

It seems like a win win situation to me.

Rape charge recommended for Israeli president

It's good to remember that in some countries the president is not above the law.

It's "refreshing" to know that law enforcement still works well in other parts of the world. Israeli police are recommending that the Israel President be charged with rape and other crimes.

Now Israel's Attorney General has to decide whether to take the President to trial. Hopefully their Attorney General is nothing like ours and a trial will occur.

With any luch...this will provide an example to our own law enforcement agencies.

Here's the source

Riverbend still MIA

The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that 365,000 Iraqi's leave Iraq each year. Source

It's been 10 weeks and one day since Riverbend last blogged. I hope she's busy relocating in a safer place and is not one of the 650,000 Iraqi civilian causalties. She has given all of us, worldwide, an un-embedded view of reality in Iraq.

I trust Riverbend's version not not the "Bushworld" delusion. I am checking her blog daily and hope to see another post soon.

Baker will recommend Jim Webb's plan in Iraq

That's my prediction.

The commission led by James Baker and backed by President Bush will not "officially" announce it's recommendations until AFTER the election. Allegedly, they don't want their conclusions to affect Bush's presidency. However, the LA times reports that they are NOT recommending "stay the course."

The options they recommend sound like they came from our very own Jim Webb. Wow.,..soon George Bush is going to be pushing Webb's options....I guess everyone knows better than to plagiarize George Allen's work. Never pick anyone dumber than you to copy from.

Wouldn't it be best if we had Webb in the Senate rather than that rubber stamp George Allen? That rubber stamp that gets so much funding from the lobbyists for the elite special interests?

Anyone taking bets on Rove's October surprise?

From my internet surfing the October surprise I'm hearing the most talked about is this....

The USA will do whatever it takes to make Iran attack one of it's vessels or stage such an attack....Then this will be used as the "excuse" to bomb Iran....

So...If the US bombs Iran is this going to affect your vote? I would hope that IF you aee one of those minority folks voting Republican this year you would immediately change your vote for the opposition if they bomb Iran.....but who can figure what Americans will do these days with all the corporate propaganda filling the airways....I continue to be astounded that Americans have repeatedly voted against their own self interests....what with the rich getting richer and the middle class having to struggle more and more just to stay afloat.....

Bush and Rove are said to be very upbeat and confident that their October Surprise is going to do the trick and allow them to maintain their control of power.....

But others believe that we are all in for a surprise on November 7th...when the elections are "fixed" once again.

Neither scenarios is promissing.

November 7th is going to be interesting.

Buzz... Buzz....Mosquito

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How long have Republicans hidden Foleygate?

It appears that Foleygate started in the Republican party long before Foley. Remember Lawrence King? He was an African American and a top Republican. He's now serving time for financial fraud. It appears he should be serving more time for allegedly running a child prostitution ring. It catered to such powerful people that it is alleged the FBI was used to cover up the evidence. According to this website:
A True Story About Sex, Child Abuse, Murder and Drugs, Covered up By Authorities

“Conspiracy of Silence”, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

The Conspiracy of Silence documentary is available online at google. Click here

This video should be seen by EVERYONE in America. Then think of Foleygate....then go vote them OUT!!

George Allen is either a liar and/or not very bright!

My bet is on both....but this sure shows what a bad liar George is.

This man should not be a Senator in any country for any citizen, IMO....

Howling Latina exposes the truth about the liklihood of George Allen being served a warrant for fishing. Check it out here


Friday, October 13, 2006


Attention Webb supporters--When the Webb sign is stolen don't just sit down and whine. MAKE A HOME MADE SIGN SAYING...THEY STOLE MY I SUPPORT JIM WEBB SIGN.

This will get the proper attention and expose the opposition for what they are. RICH AND CROOKED....


America's record is worse than Russia's.....

When it comes to ousting an incumbent it is more difficult to do so in America's current rigged political system than in Russia's. Imagine that...Russia has state run television and a horrible record of umsolved murders of reporters that do "investigative" journalism. America has a corporate media (that spreads it's own propaganda that it is liberal) and journalists are not rewarded financially or in their careers for doing "investigative" journalism. Plus it takes LOTS of money from the big corporations who favor the incumbents they know they can buy off.

Here are the statistics.

America--- Incumbants remain in office 98% of the time
Russia--Incumbants remain in office 92% of the time.

This election I'm afraid Americans may be stunned at election day if the Republicans retain power with the current rate of dissatisfaction. But without VERIFIABLE elections we will never know if our vote is counted fairly.....

Some groups are suggesting that folks wear a sticker that is blue or red to allow others to know how they are voting so the general public can "guess" for themselves...Hopefully the media will once again resume exit polling which is often a good evidence on election rigging....

Hopefully Americans have had enough and will do what it takes to restore a balance of power and accountability in our government. Otherwise, our tax dollars will be continued to be used against the best interests of the majority of Americans...i.e. the most often neglected group--the middle class.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

UPDATE--Riverbend of Baghdad Burning

My source contacted the publisher of Baghdad Burning--the Feminist Press. They are concerned because they have had no communication with River. The publisher's spokesperson confirmed that this is the longest lapse in communication with Riverbend that the publisher has experienced.

My source will be sending an email (within the next few days) to someone at the Feminist Press who will forward it onto their contact email for River....Hopefully, River will surface soon and be in contact...that is the best case scenario.

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning still MIA....

If you aren't familiar with River you should be. Her blog--Baghdad Burning--should be read by all Americans.

Recently, The Diplomatic Times Review, Smirking Chimp, talk nation, and various blogs are asking where Riverbend is. There has been no word, despite inquiries, concerning River.

She remains missing in action. I pray that she and her family have been occupied with making it to a safe place. Hopefully we will hear something soon....It is not looking good at the moment.

True Costs of War?

We know about BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars that have been spent (and misspent) on the Iraqi War. Other costs of war are surfacing. One in four of the American troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering a war related disability. Shamefully, neither the Pentagon nor the VA is tracking accurately whether the disability is related to losing a limb, eye, PTSD, Gulf War Syndrome (i.e. radiation poisoning from American DU weapons). How can the Pentagon or the VA be seen as seriously attending to the nation's wounded if they are tracking what the problem is so they can accurately access what services are needed and where?

Then another study is released yesterday that reveals 650,000 Iraqi's have died due to America's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. 650,000 dead Iraqis. All these deaths for what? To make a few American elites wealthier? That seems to be the only positive pay off in America....a few folks have become very wealthy as war profiteers. Virginia's own Blackwater is one prime example. Cheney's Halliburton and their subsidiary--Kellog Root and Brown--have also reaped huge profits from no bid contracts. BIG Oil has also done splendidly. Meanwhile the rest of us are burdened with the costs of war for at least another generation.

Can anyone be surprised that Al Queda wants us to "stay the course" so they can continue their successful recruitment drives.

We are less safe in spite of the terrible price paid by our soldiers and the innocent Iraqi citizens.

I hope Americans have had enough of this madness.

If you want more details on the study of the Iraqi death toll or the American soldiers on disability it is covered in today's Democracy Now webcast.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hampton Roads is Waking Up....

On Saturday the Hampton Roads Indy Media Coalition, the Five Points Partnership and the Norfolk PDA sponsored a screening of the documentary, Up the Ridge. Approximately 100 folks showed up in spite of the gray, rainy day. The filmmakers--Amelia Kirby and Nick Szuberla were on hand to answer questions about the film.

Up the Ridge is a one-hour documentary produced by Appalshop?s
Amelia Kirby and Nick Szuberla. In 1999, Kirby and Szuberla
were volunteer DJ's for the Appalachian region's only hip-hop
radio program in Whitesburg, KY when they received hundreds of
letters from inmates transferred into nearby Wallens Ridge
State Prison, the newest prison built to prop up the region's
sagging coal economy. The letters described human rights
violations, racial tension, and cultural conflict between staff
and inmates. Filming began that year and, through the lens of
Wallens Ridge, the film offers viewers an in-depth look at the
United States prison industry and the social impact of moving
hundreds of thousands of inner-city minority offenders to
distant rural outposts. Up the Ridge explores competing
political agendas that align government policy with human
rights violations, and political expediencies that bring
communities into racial and cultural conflict with tragic
consequences.(From an event Press Release)

A spirited, intense discussion followed the screening. The audience was diverse, college professors, correctional guards, officials connected with the department of corrections, ex-prisoners, and families of prisoners and ex-prisoners shared their points of view. Interestingly enough, everyone, no matter what side of the issue they were on agreed that the system is faulty and needs fixing.

Given the obvious community interest in this topic I hope that there is some follow through by some local community groups on this issue in the near future. It is a long neglected issue that impacts many of our communities and it needs to be addressed.

However, it's great to see various communities in Hampton Roads "waking up" and getting active on a variety of pressing issues.

FYI--Mosquito has to do some traveling so I'll be taking Monday and Tuesday off....Hope all is well out there...

For more information, see http://www.appalshop.org/h2h/film

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Portsmouth Mayor Holley Endorses George Allen

Coverage of the press conference in Portsmouth with Mayor James Holley and George Allen by Star Womanspirit

Originally posted here on October 06, 2006 5:39:58 PM

Today, at an afternoon press conference Portsmouth Mayor James Holley III endorsed George Allen with this statement, "I would be remiss in friendship and responsibility if I did not endorse George Allen for his re-election to the Senate."

Mayor Holley is basing his support for George Allen on Allen's support of the Federal Project Hope VI grants for the Jeffrey Wilson redevelopment project. During his speech, Holley took full credit for the Project Hope IV Ida Barbour revitalization project. Holley attempted to give Senator Allen the full credit for the $20 million Project VI grant for Ida Barbour. Holley inferred that Senator Allen was so impressed with what Portsmouth had done with the Ida Barbour Hope grant that "he took it upon himself" to get the Hope VI grant.

However, when a reporter asked Senator Allen what he had done for Project VI. The Senator paused and then stated that he had supported Portsmouth's work on the project. This contradicted the credit that Holley attempted to bestow on Senator Allen

Various black clergy, among them Bishop Glenn, support Senator Allen due to his recent legislative support for black farmers and Allen's endorsement of the federal marriage amendment and the controversial Marshall Newman Amendment to the Virginia State Constitituion. Bishop Glen and Senator Allen clearly stated in their speeches they support marriage as between "one man one woman."

Senator Allen brought up a football analagy in his speech about the importance of an "equal, level playing field." He was asked why he did not support net neutrality to insure an "equal, level playing field" on the internet. Allen spoke of his support for the (Stevens) telecommunications bill which does not insure net neutrality, and he gave various talking points that the telecommunications lobby has been using. Increased competition among cable and phone companies (though the bill does not insure this), cheaper broadband, broadband will expand to cover more localities, no taxes on the internet, and minimal regulation. Senator Allen did not mention the competition on the internet itself between various websites and how small business and consumer choices would be seriously effected with the loss of net neutrality. Senator Allen was asked how companies in Germany and Japan provide their customers with broadband services that are 3x faster and 2/3 cheaper than what is available in the US AND Net Neutrality remained in place. Allen then stated that foreign governments like China wanted to restrain free speech. This reporter wonders what net neutrality has to do with restraining free speech in China.

Allen stated that he wants to run on the issues. The one issue this reporter saw highlighted during the press conference was the upcoming VA State Constitutional marriage amendment. Allen may be planning to make this "wedge issue" a major issue in the remaining weeks of his election campaign.

Critics of the Marshal Newman amendment (including a former Republican attorney general) state that this amendment is unnecessary. Gay marriage is already outlawed in Virginia and this won't change if the amendment is not passed. They state this amendment is too broad and could be interpreted by the courts to apply restrictions to the rights of single heterosexuals who are co-habitating. Finally, the critics assert that the Marshall Newman amendment will be the first amendment to Virginia's Constitution that will RESTRICT the rights of a group of people. Constitutions in the US have traditionally been written to guarantee certain rights not to restrict rights.

This reporter asked Mayor Holley why, since he's listed as a mayor for peace, he would support Senator Allen who has wholeheartedly supported Bush's Iraq invasion and Bush's plans to attack Iran. Holley was unaware that he belonged to mayors for peace. Mayor Holley stated that foreign policy and other issues had no place in his decision to endorse Senator Allen. Holley stated, "I was only looking at Portsmouth, and what's good for Portsmouth."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where is Riverbend the Baghdad Burning Blogger?

I'm getting anxious. I've visited the Baghdad Burning blog once again and there are no new posts since August 5, 2006.

Riverbend is the Baghdad Burning Blogger "...... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend..."

River became famous and a book was published of her blogs.

Now River is silent. I'm worried that our River may no longer be alive. I sent River an email; I hope I get a reply.

River has posted every month consistently since 8/01/03 except for one lapse in August 2005. River disappeared for an "unannounced" blogging vacation for an eight week period.

I three days it will be 10 weeks since River's last post.

Rivers last post ended with these words:
I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever know just how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis left the country this bleak summer. I wonder how many of them will actually return. Where will they go? What will they do with themselves? Is it time to follow? Is it time to wash our hands of the country and try to find a stable life somewhere else?

Bush and Pagegate

I've often heard various rumors about Bush being gay. Part of his conversation that was recorded at the World Summitt was very odd for a straight man when he was discussing another man with Tony Blair. One of them said something like, "Have you met (unitellibigle) he's a real honey." (I think this was blair)...the other replied..."yeah, he's real sweet."

According to Wayne Madsen Reports:
In 1976, the Bush family sent George W. Bush to El Paso's Worthy Creations, a Christian gay conversion center. From that time on, Bush became a tool of the Christian right and a self-hating homosexual. The investigation of Bush's gay activities in the TANG unit would have unraveled Bush's new "straight" persona. The GOP went to battle stations to prevent Bush's past from being resurrected.

This one was news to me. Hmmm...wonder if Pagegate will cast a net around George W. Bush himself? Makes it even more interesting that the gay prostitute was able to get a White House press pass and spent some nights at the White House.

It will be very interesting to see how Pagegate unfolds. Allegedly, underage teens in DC (who are not pages) are expected to go public with their own stories.

How Deep does the Foley PageGate Scandal Go?

If only half of what is being reported on the Wayne Madsen Report is true, then Foley is only the tip of the iceberg. This could wipe out quite a few Republicans, including some in the White House.

Republican gay men in a closet are self-destructive...but even worse it appears that their self-hate may cause "acting out" behaviors on minor children.....agghhh....hopefully this won't backlash onto the gay community.

Friday, October 06, 2006

George Allen Portsmouth Mayor James Holley News Conference

An article on the 1 pm Allen/Holley news conference is available at the Hampton Roads Indy Media Coalition website.

George Allen will be in Portsmouth Today with Mayor Holley

Senator George Allen will be in Portsmouth today holding a press conference with Portsmouth's Independent Mayor James Holley at 1:00 pm.

Portsmouth's controversial mayor had to leave office years ago for sending racist hate mail to black leaders in Portsmouth. Amazingly enough James Holley is African American. He has since returned to office in his old positin.

This is a surprising development because Mayor Holley actually joined Mayors for Peace and it appears this is probably a press conference where Holley will endorse Allen for Senate?

Since when was Allen for Peace?

It looks like James Holley is back to playing dirty politics again.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Yeah, that's right it's still your name....I was being respectful and so I wouldn't use one of those other names. Ahem....

George you say you want the campaigns and the press to focus on the issues. Right?

Why aren't you walking the talk? Why did you REFUSE to debate Jim Webb at the NAACP.

Are you showing your colors once again? Those CUT AND RUN colors?

You'd better change your mind and ACCEPT that invitation if you want anyone in Virginia to take you serioussly.


Surprised? Cheney Lied.

While campaigning in 2000, Vice President Cheney told us he was no longer connected with his former employer, Haliburton.

Cheney was on ABC in 2003 repeating his claims,

"I've severed all my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interest. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind and haven't had, now, for over three years." source

But it's reported that Cheney earned a 3000 percent profit off of his Haliburton stock last year.

Cheney earned 44 million dollars while working for Haliburton, a job he obtained after he resigned as Secretary of Defense. Would you be surprized to learn that while Cheney was Secretary of Defense (March 1989 to January 1993) he presided over PRIVATIZING the military and awarding large contracts to the private sector?

An intelligent person has to wonder if the Halliburton job offer was a reward for contracts given out while Cheney was Secretary of Defense. An intelligent person has to ask how the mythical "liberal" US press avoided reporting this story.

According to Wikipedia, "Cheney's net worth, estimated to be between $30 million and $100 million, is largely derived from his post at Halliburton."

There is an excellent article--Cheney's Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door--available here. Project Censored has detailed reporting and sources for further study.

Meanwhile, war profiteers are running our country.

There is no draft so the wealthy don't have to fight in these wars. The majority of enlistees are people who have to work for a living. As the economy worsens for middle and lower class people the large army bonuses are assisting the recruitment drive.

While the wealthy elite (or filthy rich) are enjoying the best times in American history, homelessness and hunger have risen dramatically.

If the trend continues, the middle class in America will not survive the current Republican economic policies.

In the upcoming November elections will the American people be diverted by wedge issues (gays, flag burning, immigration)* and once again vote against their financial interests?

*I didn't mention the national security issue...it's become a moot point. If the Republican party cannot protect 80 children in the Republican controlled Congress they surely aren't up to the job of protecting millions of American citizens.

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006

If you still believe the corporate media's spin that they themselves put out, i.e. the fiction that the media is liberal, then take a look at the stories the US Corporate Mainstream Media did NOT report.

Imagine, Cheney made a 3000 percent profit on his haliburton stock last year. Can you spell war profiteer? Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran...A physicist successfully debunks 9/11 report....The list goes on and on. Check out these stories....It's amazing what isn't being reported.

In the meantime, will we the airways continue to spellbind Americans with rehashed updates on the the Ramsey or Peterson murder stories? I'd rather have the media go back and report the stories they missed.

The media uses public airways. Surely they have a duty to report on stories that are important to the American people?

You can obtain detailed information on each of these stories plus sources here.

#1 Future of Internet Debate Ignored by Media

#2 Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran

#3 Oceans of the World in Extreme Danger

#4 Hunger and Homelessness Increasing in the US

#5 High-Tech Genocide in Congo

#6 Federal Whistleblower Protection in Jeopardy

# 7 US Operatives Torture Detainees to Death in Afghanistan and Iraq

#8 Pentagon Exempt from Freedom of Information Act

#9 The World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall

#10 Expanded Air War in Iraq Kills More Civilians

#11 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food Confirmed

#12 Pentagon Plans to Build New Landmines

#13 New Evidence Establishes Dangers of Roundup

#14 Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the US

#15 Chemical Industry is EPA’s Primary Research Partner

#16 Ecuador and Mexico Defy US on International Criminal Court

#17 Iraq Invasion Promotes OPEC Agenda

#18 Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story

#19 Destruction of Rainforests Worst Ever

#20 Bottled Water: A Global Environmental Problem

#21 Gold Mining Threatens Ancient Andean Glaciers

#22 $Billions in Homeland Security Spending Undisclosed

#23 US Oil Targets Kyoto in Europe

#24 Cheney’s Halliburton Stock Rose Over 3000 Percent Last Year

#25 US Military in Paraguay Threatens Region

Cheney is anti-American values

Americans have always been proud of our freedom and our liberty. We have often bragged that in America we can openly criticize our leaders.

Well, the Bush-Cheney Cabal has a different vision of America. Cheney had an American citizen arrested on June 16 for simply voicing his opinion.

Cheney was outside a shopping center in Beaver Creek, Colorado shaking hands and letting folks take his picture.

Steve Howard walked up to the small group. He simply stated his opinion,"I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible," and walked away.

Cheney's secret serviceman followed Howard and had him arrested on charges of "assaulting" the vice president.

More details here.

The Buzz on the Gay Tactic

The Gay Buzz and it's affect on VA's anti-gay amendment?

It will be interesting to see how the Family Council attempts to use the Foley scandal in their bid to get Virginians to approve that hateful anti-gay, anti-single, marriage amendment.

I'm willing to bet they won't be relying on facts and science. The scientific studies show that lesbians are the least likely group to sexually abuse children and heterosexual men are the most likely group to sexually abuse children.

I certainly don't advocate going after any group in a discriminatory sense so please don't just start locking up heterosexual men at random! Everyone, even straight men, have rights and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Hopefully, Virginians won't eat the Family Council soundbites and, on Nov 7, the world will see that Virginia is no longer for bigots.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Webb Ad

This Webb Ad answers Allen's spin with today's truth

O'Reilly spins Foley as a (D-FLA)


Fox used three different 15 second cutaways to identify Foley as a Democrat from Fla. Every wonder why the studies show that Fox news viewers are the most ill-informed Americans?

They have no shame.....but the people are sick of the right wing corporate spin
Just an accident? We report, you decide.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weekened happenings

The MoveOn reception at Azar's was absolutely fabulous. The hors d'oeuvres buffet was fabulous with all you could eat grape leaves, tabbouleh, a rice dish, cheese, olives, hummus, pita, and azar's wonderful wraps. The place was filled with friendly progressives. I swear it looks like some Republicans in the area have even drifted over into the Moveon camp. Oh Happy Days.

MoveON has opened an office in in Virginia Beach on Va Beach Blvd. They will be phone banking from this location on a regular basis.

The Al Franken film that followed the reception --God Spoke--was hilarious....What a great evening...greek food and Al Franken!

The Green Screen Film Festival was definitely a success...It looks like various groups in the area may have increased their membership as a result of folks getting connected and hooking up.

The Green Screen Film Festival ends on Tuesday nite. However, their Wed. and Thurs. nite film, Scanner Darkly, could easily have been wrapped into the festival...Ever since the Matrix series I keep an eye out for Keannu Reeves. So this film looks promising.

There was also a GREAT DEMO at gate 5 of the Naval Base. It was historic since it was the FIRST rally against Bush's War on Iran. There were enough folks to put a presence on all four corners of the base intersection and their were three very impressive large banners. (Two of the banners came from a DC group)...Pics on this will follow later. Oh, but you didn't hear about it in the news? Are you really surprised about that? Since when was our local media doing a good job covering local news??