Thursday, June 28, 2007

CNN joins Media Propaganda Campaign against Universal Health Care

CNN has repeated the lie that NO presidential candidate supports National Health Care for all. It's not difficult to predict that the corporate media will continue to spew news reports with a distinct corporate bias in favor of the insurance and pharmaceutical multinational corporations.

Have they no shame?

The issue of health care and how it fails ALL Americans (even those who "think" they are protected with their insurance policies) is getting ready to hit the national stage. This bipartisan issue has the potential to unite the American people and create a change that is long overdue in our health care system. Hopefully, this time Americans will act in their own best interests and INSIST that the candidate they choose to support will commit to solving our health care crisis once and for all.....with a national single payee system that covers everyone.

But the media and "our" public airwaves will continue to be used against us. After all, it is not illegal for corporate news to lie about the facts and spread propaganda.....It's time to stop watching corporate news that works against us.

Here's the source.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CBS Evening News LIED ABOUT Michael Moore's Sicko

FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting--reports that CBS evening news put it's own inaccurate spin on it's coverage of Sicko, Michael Moore's documentary on the atrocities inherent in America's health care system. I prefer to call this spin an outright's propaganda to protect it's advertisers--the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

CBS reported that Americans do not favor a single payee government run national health insurance system. The fact is that 64% of Americans want such a system and 60% of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes in order to obtain it.

CGS also reported that no presidential candidates are in support of a government run single payee national health insurance system. This is also FALSE. Democratic contender Dennis Kucinich is openly campaigning in support of a single payee system.

I believe CBS is more interested in catering to it's pharmaceutical and health insurance advertisers than accurately reporting the news in the public interest. There should be a law against corporate media intentionaly producing lies and propaganda and the law should insure that such mistakes are corrected.

In the meantime what can you do? Contact them on their "spinning" the facts upside down and request that they quickly and prominently correct their false news coverage.

CBS Evening News
(212) 975-3691

Also send your comments to CBS Public Eye:

Sunday, June 24, 2007



IVAW is coming to a base near you!

IVAW members are touring bases from Georgia to New York and hosting BBQs for vets and active duty soldiers, sailors, and Marines AND Americans who are interested in supporting the troops. Today the IVAW stops at Lafayette Park in Norfolk VA 4 PM-6:30 PM. They will host a free BBQ for vets and active duty military and National Guard members. Americans interested in supporting the troops are welcome to attend. (Donations to sponsor the tour are appreciated but not expected.)

At 7:30 PM they will have a “Sun in Nun” show at the Studio for the Healing Arts at 1611 Colley Ave # D, Norfolk (one block north of the Naro…

“…it's the guys in the field who are best able to judge whether the mission is right and just and is working on the ground. They are the ultimate embeds. As one man said on a posting to the IVAW Web site, ‘When the people who fought the war are speaking out against it ... maybe you should listen.’" (source)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will the United States remain a rogue nation?

Or will the rule of law be restored to our "home" land? Well, since Seymour Hersch has provided some proof that shows the torture allegations covered up the guilt of the "higher ups" who created and unleashed torture by Americans on the people.....

Check out Rory Kennedy's documentary and ask yourself.....Are Bush, Cheney, Addington, Libby Gonzalez, and Rumsfeld et al going to be held accountable? We need an independent no holds barred investigation.....Personally, I believe they will all be found guilty....but let the INDEPENDENT investigation begin....

BTW....Virginians need to let Senator Warner know that he is also complicit in the torture cover-up. Warner was the chair of the Armed Services Committee and he stated he would investigate the torture allegations and then did nothing....and allowed the Bush Cheney cabal to continue their torture policies....

Keith Oberman Reports on Tricky Dick Cheney

Cheney has to keep his power grabbing war profiteering ways as "secret" as possible. The way Cheney is acting it's clear that Tricky Dick Cheney is actually the KING and Lil' Bush is only the Court Jester......

Friday, June 22, 2007

America is SICKO....BUT there's a cure!!

The cure is a national single payee insurance system....we have to wipe out corporate profit and greed from the equation to insure a system that will give all Americans Quality health care.

There is no reason to wait any longer.....Don't agree to support any candidate for any office until they have pledged to work and vote for a national single payee health insurance system so that ALL Americans can get health care that is of better quality than what we currently enjoy...Corporate greed has made our system the most expensive in the world....and yet our quality of care suffers....we are 37th in the world as far as quality of health care.

Don't let the corporate ad barrage that is coming continue to "hoodwink"'s in YOUR best interest to eliminate the corporate profiteers from our health care system.

Kudos to Dennis Kucinich for his stand on this important issue....If Kucinich ends up being the only candidate for sane health care....well he will end up with my vote...and I REFUSE to vote for any candidate who will not endorse this policy....

Check it out.....

Tricky Dick Cheney....The War Profiteer

Since the Corporate Media did not report this you may not know that Dick Cheney made 3,000 percent on his Haliburton investments last year. (Source)

Cheney deserves the name "Tricky Dick." He profits from wars without the sacrifice. He's never served in our armed forces....because he had "better things to do."

We "hear" that Tricky Dick Cheney is giving all these profits to charity.
But his Haliburton stock has not been given to any charity.

I bet Tricky Dick Cheney is planning on giving the dividends from his stocks to charities during his vice presidential "reign." However, once he's out of office , the stock is in his name to do what he wishes...sell it and/or transfer some to his heirs....and the bulk of the profits is the stock itself....not the dividends.

It's no wonder that Tricky Dick wants to start a war with Iran ASAP....why stop with only a 3,000 percent profit for 2007 when there's much more money to be made? This war profiteering is a gravy train for the Republican corporate elitists....

When will we ever learn? They use misplaced patriotism for ill begotten gains.

There's so much illegal activity stemming from Tricky Dick's office....How can any self-respecting congressman vote against impeaching Tricky Dick? But corporate owned congressman will vote to protect Tricky Dick.

The question you need to my elected official self-respecting or corporate owned? That will be a key question for 2008 for both Democratic and Republican candidates....

Media Black Out of John Edwards

Since the corporate media dislikes John Edwards and have basically attempted a media blackout on this worthy Democratic candidate....deciding to "highlight" their faves--Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. So, we have decided to feature him on Mosquito Blog....though we are holding out on endorsing ANY candidate until they are willing to endorse "our" objectives...
one of our primary objectives being single payee universal health coverage in America....personally I believe an Edwards Obama ticket would soundly defeat anyone the Republicans decided to field.

The fact that the elitists and the wealthy corporate interests are against John Edwards says alot for his desire to represent the people in our country.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bite of the Mosquito

Seems like someone wrote a song about the "Bite of the Mosquito." This French guitarist is good. Thanks to Star for sending this on to me.....Buzz....Buzz....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This video which was posted on YouTube shows what is wrong with immigration worldwide....The problem isn't with you, me, or any other individual wanting to visit and or live in a different part of the world. The problem is greedy corporations always striving to get people to labor for them on the cheap.

Immigration laws should be tailored the way Senator Bernie Sanders suggested. IF a corporation in America is laying off American workers....then they cannot hire immigrants. d.....AND....the corporations should have to treat (and pay) all immigrants just like they would a natural born citizen. Viola.....most of the problem will then be solved.

Thanks to Daily Kos

Monday, June 18, 2007

Seymour Hersch brings Rumsfeld and Torture into the Light

Seymour Hersch is one of the few real journalists working today. He brings more light onto the Abu Graib affair....Two it possible with Gonzalez heading up the Department of Justice to see that Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are taken to trial?....At the very least Rumsfeld should be held for perjury before Congress.....
After all...the important question there is that Bush nor Cheney did anything to stop the abuse....and they should have. They had the power to stop it and instead used their powers to allow torture to occurr....and it's probably still occurring in the CIA secret prisons and at "Gitmo."

You can read his report here.

Senator Joe Lieberman is one big, corrupt, lyin' Chickenhawk...

Senator Lieberman agreed to meet with Codepink representatives...then he cut and run. He was too afraid to meet with a group of women who believe in peace. Now he's hiding behind the capital police threatening to arrest American citizens who just want access to speak with the Senator.

The story is here
....Hopefully the voters in CT will unseat this hypocritical Senator when he comes up for reelection.

The Code Pink Ladies are brave....They will risk a silly arrest. They follow their principles and ethics unlike Senator Lieberman who has sold his soul to the Bush Cabal and is not following through on his campaign promises.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Patriot Act Abuses Threaten All Americans

The Patriot Act is a violation of our civil rights. Now we hear that information on Americans is being sold to corporations for such matters as bill collection. Here's the story that uncovered the latest abuse.

The Patriot Act must be repealed asap. Our liberties are at stake.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wake Up Hampton Roads

Alma Kesling of Shadow Norfolk has started a local news program entitled Wake Up Hampton Roads. Here's the first episode. This program looks like it bears watching on a continuous basis. Interesting to see a dedicated citizen doing a better job of reporting the news than the Virginian Pilot or our local T.V. news...

It's eye opening to see the difference between corporate media and a citizens media. The truth is more appealing than the propaganda that vested interests bring us via the corporate media.

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