Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We the people did NOT elect BP to do anything!!

Is there a leader anywhere who will take BP's assests, arrest the BP executives, and take charge of the clean up? Each Ridley Kemp turtle that is burned alive is a penalty of up to 50K that BP is avoiding. This is definitely destruction of evidence but while Obama hides out in the White House BP gets to destroy the evidence.

Why is LA now a BP Police State?

So now BP has police powers they can use to intimidate private citizens and journalists?

We need a President who is willing to take charge and confiscate BP's assets so they can be used by the gov to stop this catastrophe and clan up this corporate mess.

BP's interests are not ours. They are burning turtles alive, and trying to bury the evidence so they can keep from paying costly penalties. Obama appears to be a snarky BP handmaiden and not the President we need.

HR 5353--The War Is Making Us Poor Act

Imagine....let's put the Pentagon on a budget and give EVERY AMERICAN a tax break on the first 35,000 dollars of their income (70,000 for couples) and then have money left to apply to the deficit. (Source)

In these dire economic times we could all use an federal tax break. Call your representative today!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dangers of Drilling on Land with De-Regulation

See how De-regulation is contaminating our inland environment....HBO tonight Gasland!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Join the Store Wars Fight....


The US Military Industrial Complex rears it's ugly head once again. This time to protect BP and insure that it continues to do business with the US government. We need a Defense Department that does not defend the corporate agenda and is willing to STOP collaborating with corporations like BP and Blackwater.

Didn't our Congress almost turns itself inside out to defund ACORN due to alleged fraud? (Acorn has now been judged as INNOCENT but the right wing activists who "exposed" Acorn did so with heavily edited tapes that gave a false picture of what occurred.) The Republicans said this was not political but that fraudulent activity should NOT be allowed in government contracting. So where's Congress when BP is exposed for more serious offenses?

percent of their fuel needs. Our military needs to start buying it's oil elsewhere. This is outrageous.

Hat tip to the corporate crime reporter!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgianne Nienaber is reports BP is neglecting Boom Maintenance

Over at the Huffington Post Georgianne Nienaber is reporting on BP's continued negligence in the Gulf Oil Disaster Clean Up. The rumor is that BP is going to do the minimum that it has to and declare bankruptcy and leave everyone else to foot the bill.

Why doesn't the US confiscate all of BP's assets? It still won't be enough to take care of the bill but it would be a start. And it might make the next corporation think twice about the risks it is willing to take in pursuit of the all mighty dollar, yen...or whatever currency they are chasing!

Pictures are courtesy of Georgianne Nienaber. She says you are free to use these pictures (and others at the link).

Monday, June 07, 2010

Make Homosexuals Marry


Finally, Liz Cheney cannot just hide the truth by blaming the left. Politico's fact check shows that Liz Cheney wants folks to continue drinking the Cheney/Halliburton kool-aid.

Now if the corporate media would just take the time to do some fact checking on their own so that they could limit the lies going out over their airwaves we would all be better off.

Here's the video of Liz Cheney and her typical way of trying to cover up for Daddy (why doesn't anyone call the corporate media on this obvious nepotism and giving Cheney such a platform for continuing to defend her daddy....

Here's a fact check.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Insanity rules the Gulf Catastrophe

According to Allison Kilkenny:

In a sane world, a company guilty of gross negligence that resulted in the deaths of 11 workers would be under criminal investigation, and not be parading around the coast, telling the media where they can go and who they can talk to, while forbidding their clean-up crews from wearing protective gear.

Law enforcement doesn’t handle other crimes like this. Cops don’t let serial killers tidy up their crime scenes after they’re done a’stabbin’.

Kilkenny is telling it like it is. Welcome to the United Corporations of America! The land where lots of money gives you special interests complete with "special rights" and you are above the law.

BP continues to use dispersants in an attempt some say is to cover up the oil but causes greater damage to marine life. BP will not cease using these horrific chemicals even though the US government has told them to stop these practices. BP says that it is big and important. BP appears to own DC and maybe they are correct. After all the same Justice Department that ruled AIG had done nothing wrong will be investigating BP. I betcha the BP big wigs are shaking in their boots.

Where's the change and the justice we voted for?

BP drags it's feet on paying for oil spill clean up...

According to the Huffington Post, "Fla. officials say their request for about $150,000 from BP to buy sifting machines and a tractor to help remove oil from the beach's famous white sands has lingered unanswered for more than three weeks."

Just one more reason why the government should seize control of BP so that the decisions will be based on cleaning up this disaster that BP's negligence created instead of BP's "bottom line" being the decisive factor.