Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Washington DC the United Corporate Congress is discussing Social Security cuts. Once again where is that change we voted for? We all might want to call the White House and inquire about this. According to Dean Baker:

There is no evidence that the elite Social Security cutters have any idea of the financial situation of those approaching retirement. They continually tout the idea of cutting benefits for the "affluent elderly." Unless we redefine the concept of "affluent" down by quite a bit (maybe to $50,000 a year), there are not enough affluent elderly for cuts to their Social Security benefits to make any difference either for Social Security's solvency or the unified government budget, which includes Social Security's finances.

The elite Social Security cutters also seem to have little clue about the sort of jobs most workers hold when they suggest raising the retirement age. While the Washington crew can probably hold their breakfast meetings and power lunches well into their 70s, nearly half of workers over age 58 work at jobs that are either physically demanding or involve difficult work conditions. To these people, the idea of working into their 70s isn't quite so cute.

It should also bother workers that plans to cut Social Security would take away benefits for which they have already paid. The Social Security trust fund has accumulated a surplus of more than $2.5 trillion. According to the report issued just last week by the Social Security trustees, the program can pay all future benefits through the year 2037 with no changes whatsoever. The workers who will be retiring in the next 15-20 years have paid for their benefits. They have every right to be furious if President Obama or anyone else suggests taking these benefits away from them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Al Franken talks about the Corporate Threat to Net Neutrality

A level, fair playing novel.

Let's preserve one fair marketplace. Let the FCC and your elected officials know that there is no negotiation. Net Neutrality HAS to be the law of our land.

Ground Zero Mosque brings out the worst in US

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unemployment Crisis

The LYING United Corporate States of America

Why does the corporation owned US government think they can get away with blatent lies? Is this because the corporations not only own the US government but the US media as well?

Is this why they think they can lie about what's really being done in the Gulf States? They are HIDING the oil not cleaning it up!

We need a REAL government that protects and serves the people...not a corporate government that makes insane laws that strips the people of their voice and their wealth.

Where is the political party that represents the people? It surely isn't doing anyone any good to vote the lesser of the two evils fact, corporate interests count on us doing this! The current two party system is set up so that corporations win no matter who we elect.

No matter what your political ideology (left, right or center) one wins until we take the legalized bribery out of the system and replace this with publicly financed elections.!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blame Wall Street Corporate Liberals

"As it increasingly appears that Obama is the President of Wall Street, and not the President of Main Street, he is losing not only the left but the center. It's a myth that the path to winning the popular center in American politics is moving to the corporate center. If the only political choice given to American voters is using their taxes to help big government subsidize wealthy corporations, or the Republican message of shrinking the size of government and cutting their taxes, many who voted for Obama will return to the fold of the seemingly brain-dead Republican Party. Obama will likely face an even more conservative Congress after the 2010 election and even, like Jimmy Carter, could end up as a one-term President." Source

This bears repeating.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Short sighted greed is not just unique to the USA. Russian development trumps the interests of people worldwide.

Bing It!!

Google goes evil!!

I now use use sleeping with the enemy!

Obama Politicks real good....

President Obama thinks the Republicans have forgotten what a good politician he is.

I wish he would follow through on his campaign promise and politicking for Net Neutrality. Whatever happened to this Barack Obama?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BP Oil Disaster is just under the surface....

I wonder if this is one of those areas that BP thought it would be cheaper to simply bury the oil with sand.

Funny I always thought the reason we needed government was to protect us from corporate crimes like this.

US GOV now a corporate tool?

So much for the US Gov regulating Big Oil. It looks like the US gov is a corporate advocate against the people. Why else is current law being subverted in BP's favor?

Is Obama Going to GOTV?

Whether Obama and the Democrats Get Out The Vote is going to depend on if Elizabeth Warren is the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board--CFPB.

The ONLY reason Obama won't appoint her is if the banks and their number one advocate and supporter--Timothy Geithner--get their way.

So Obama will have to decide if he's going to do right by the American people or if he's going to give Timothy Geithner more man love.

Why Not Elizabeth Warren for the CFPB? Isn't it about time that we had at least one powerful woman in that back room full of men?

Stephen Colbert Explains Trickle Down

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We need Elizabeth Warren NOT Timothy Geithner....

We need Elizabeth Warren not Timothy Geithner to be writing the "new rules and regulations" that protect consumers. In the mean-time, Geithner is reassuring his base--the bankers--that the financial reform will be good for a sound economy.

We need a real consumer advocate instead of this banker advocate that bails out banks and leaves everyone else high and dry.

Obama continues to be a major disappointment and I hope he finds his spine real soon.