Monday, December 20, 2010


Another reason why I will NOT vote for an Obama second term....He's eliminating Net Neutrality and allowing the corporations to take over our internet on cell phones.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watch out for robo call Lies about Uranium Mining in VA

Residents in Southside and South Central Virginia have been receiving automated message calls fromAmericans for Prosperity. The calls originated from AFP's Richmond office. AFP claimed that Virginia Uranium, Inc.'s dangerous project will generate up to 500 jobs. It is a LIE.
According to the Energy Informaion Administration, in 2009, the entire uranium production industry employed 1,096 people.
In the same year, there were 20 operating mines in the U.S. and one operating and one developing mill. No single mining and milling operation can employ one half of the number of employees being currently employed by 22 uranium production operations.

Afghanistan War is Insane policy

We are in an economic crisis. We can not afford 2 billion dollars a week for what??

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Richard Holbrook 1941-2010

“You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan!” The last words of Richard Holbrook 1941-2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sen Bernie Sanders bravely stands up for working Americans!

If only we had Senators who would fight for us here in Virginia!! For a short time you can view Senator Sanders filibuster here.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Proof that Banks Profit from illegal drugs...

Another reason to legalize marijuana.

If marijuana is illegal then why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? Remember marijuana has never killed anyone...never caused lung cancer, does not lead to fights nor domestic violence.....

It just doesn't make sense unless you realize that banks are able to make big profits off of laundering money.

Just think about the costs to taxpayers and citizens who are only exercising their individual liberties end up locked up....It is a crying shame.

Virginia's Governor McDonnell is on the wrong side of this issue...he refuses to support legalizing pot for medical uses yet wants to privatize liquor stores so corporations can make bigger profits (at our expense) and make alcohol more readily accessible.

Governor Mcdonnell just doesn't make sense.


Deja Vu Obama

Here we go again...looks like the tax cuts will see Obama do the same thing as he did with Health care...just give it away.

Is Obama 1)not learning from his past mistakes, 2) demonstrating symptoms of the Stockholm Syndrome, 3) or simply selling us out to corporate interests?

Is there another option?

Friday, December 03, 2010

The Corporate American Press Attacks the Whistleblowers

This is what we should be seeing over and over again in the media.

Instead the corporate journalists are attacking the whistle blowers...they are acting more like CIA/Gestapo agents then journalists...not surprising since the CIA has long been known to have "psy ops" agents that are embeded journalists. The surprising reality is that there appear to be so many CIA/corporate journalists...where are the independent journalist that inform the public?


Call Out The Republicorp Senate

The Republicorp Senators are saying that they will NOT vote for tax cuts for 90% of Americans because they want tax cuts for ALL Americans. If that's there reasoning then where's my bailout? Republicorp Senators did NOT vote for a bailout for ALL Americans. They voted to give only the wealthiest billions and billions of dollars.

Take a minute and call out a Republicorp Senator today. Why would they only bail out the wealthiest Americans (the criminals who wrecked our economy) and then leave everyone else to fend for themselves.

Let them know that not everyone was bailed out and it's about time that the folks that were bailed out put something back so maybe we'll have the resources to fix this mess they put us in.

Buzz Buzz Buzz.....

Will Republicans make taxes higher?

Will the Senate Republicans vote no on tax cuts for 90% of Americans?

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Unfortunately it's NOT US doing the right thing. It's Nigeria....

Nigeria is charging Dick Cheney with bribery (which is probably the least of his crimes).