Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cell Phone Cooks Egg

Over the years I've heard anecdotes here and there of someone getting a cancerous brain tumor and they were a heavy cell phone user. I believe one person was a big wig* in one of the presidential campaigns. Of course, since we no longer have any government watchdog agencies protecting public safety (the heads of our agencies are usually former corporate lobbyists and they prefer to safeguard corporate products) you might want to be cautious given this funky finding. Two Russian journalists used two cell phones to cook an egg

I used to use a headphone "regularly" but I kept "killing" them....however, I'll be getting another headphone soon. No sense in taking any chances.

Of course I doubt the cell phone industry is going to do studies to prove their phones may be dangerous or safe. Why should they? The corporate news is not going to jeopardize any potential corporate profits. They prefer to keep their advertisers happy.

I don't know if there are any "objective" scientific studies that prove anything conclusively. I'd rather be safe than sorry. BUT...if you have children using cell phones please buy them a headphone. Studies due show that children have higher risks with radio waves, microwaves, pesticides, etc etc than adults.

I'm not talking bluetooth technology. I'm suggesting the headphones with a wire that plugs in the phone.

* Just an "aside," Did you know the term "big wig" came from Colonial Times. The "big wigs" in the community literally wore big white poofy wigs...if you weren't a big wig you didn't have one....Funny how a little saying can last for a few hundred years. But then again those "big wigs" were funny looking.

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