Thursday, July 13, 2006

King George wants the final say.

According to the LA TIMES Bush is NOT going to let the recent Supreme Court decision change his plans. In Bush world, Bush is our King George and no authority is granted to Congress or the Supreme Court. How dare those Justices not roll over and endorse the King and his minions! To be fair to Bush, the Republican (and corporate) controlled Congress were easily taught to fetch, roll over and play dead. A few Democrats, such as Lieberman, are also lapdogs. Heaven help us. Maybe that Texas Republican, Ron Paul, will join forces with Rep. Conyers; they can lead the House to unseat this insane King. Then we, the people, could rest a little easier (and safer.) A bi-partisan solution to this madness is long overdue.

King George thinks if he says someone is guilty that is all it takes. Forget laws, forget justice. Off with their heads!

Well I'm no lapdog. American citzens aren't lapdogs either. We know the emperor king has no clothes. So watch out "George." Judgement day is coming sooner that you think. Unfortunately for you, the majority of Americans refuse to be serfs and peasants for your kingdom. But you wouldn't know that since you allegedly "ignore" the polls and the wishes if the American people.

Buzz Buzz Buzz......


hr_conservative said...

I think President Bush is only trying to protect this country the best he can in light of the Supreme Court decision. I think he is doing a good job.

At least he isn't letting them free and issuing apologies to the detainees like Kerry might have done.

Mosquito said...

You think? Kings don't need habeus corpus or laws...But American Presidents do. Kings just lock up whoever they think is guilty even if they have to ship them off to Cuba in order to avoid scrutiny and the light of day. According to Cheney if there's a 1% chance of guilt (that infamous 1% doctrine) then you're a terrorist. Sorry but I don't want a King...I want to live in a democracy that is governed by laws not an incompetent, spoiled elite Yale skull and bones frat boy who has never had to "grow up." I'm tired of average Americans having to deal with the consequences of Bush's incompetence, bad decisions, and arrogance. Your definitely in the minority on this one.

What if there are "innocents" being tortured in Gitmo? Is this beyond the realm of possibility in your Bush world? Folks turned in by people who just want to get the large monetary rewards being offered. IF these folks are dangerous or guilty try them in a public courtroom...but then Bush's insane policies and incompetency would be exposed. But some of us are wise enough to not buy into the propaganda and corporate media spin....we know the emperor has no clothes. Facism and totalitarian rules are not acceptable to freedom loving people. My America is not a lawless dictatorship. I'm still surprised by how any America can excuse Bush's excesses and illegal behaviors.

BTW, how can you predict what Kerry would do? And what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I'm tired of Republicans not dealing with reality and facts in their comments....diversionary tactics are used when reality is too liberal for right wing Republicans to deal with.

My father was proud to be a conservative Republican and he would never have defended the antics of Bush, Cheney, Rove and their minions. I know too many conservative Republicans and they do NOT defend these illegal, excessive behaviors. Why do you?