Monday, July 31, 2006

War Criminals in the White House...the Justice Dept... the Dept. of Defense?

It appears that Bush, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez et al are concerned about a "little law" that was sponsored by a conservative Republican--Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr (R-N.C.)--and passed by a Republican controlled Congress 10 years ago. So says the Washington Post

The Republicans plan is to write a new law providing protection for any war criminals in the Republican White house and anyone who simply followed their orders.

Republicans go ballistic if anyone "suggests" that there are war criminals in the White House. They deny that war crimes are being committed. So the writing is on the wall. If there are no war crimes there is no need for any new laws that would weaken or extinguish the current war crimes act.

Congress should pass no law that protects criminal behavior. It doesn't matter if that behavior is taking place on US streets or in our very own White House.

I guess the neo-cons are starting to sweat since it looks like they may not be able to maintain their totalitarian control. They should have been more competent. Then they would have "realized" that there is no statue of limitations on war crimes and violations of the Geneva Convention.

I say let them sweat. IF they are guilty they should be held accountable.

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