Sunday, July 23, 2006

We need more echoes not less...

Kathy in Blacksburg has posted Why we need Progressive Echoes.

I echo this. It's amazing that mainstream reporters accuse bloggers of "echoes" when the MSM press use only a few sources such as the AP wire, a few major papers (the The New York Times and The Washington Post) for their stories.

Journalism school teaches that consistency and repetition are necessary to make a story "stick." The press reported "ad nauseum" on Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, the blue dress, and the lie. This resulted in impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton.

In 1995, The Republican Congress even launched an investigation into the fan club for the Clinton's cat, Socks. They left no stone unturned in their search of the Clintons. When the MSM becomes an echo chamber our representatives feel the heat and something gets done.

In this day and time, Bush has been given free rein by the Republican Congress and the corporate MSM. He lies to the American people, illegally invades another country, his staff orders a treasonous act--the outing of a CIA spy, no-bid contracts given to various corporations including the VP's firm Haliburton (Cheny has a significant amount of stock holdings and he "assisted" in setting up the contract), Bush ignores legislation via signing statements, Bush gives an "un-precedented order" to stop a Justice Department investigation into his illegal NSA wiretapping, Bush is trying to ignore a Supreme Court decision.

The question becomes, can Bush do anything that would launch corporate media to cover it, in detail and "ad nauseum", as they did the Clinton White House. Today, the media refuses to investigate the Bush White House. The Republican controlled Congress is able to neglect their oversight duties when the corporate media refuses to cover this story.

Republicans get away with this because the corporate mainstream press wants legislation that will result in more money and more power for corporate media. They want to eliminate net neutrality by preventing Congressional legislation guaranteeing this. They want the FCC to relax ownership rules. Our Republicans in Congress (and a few Democrats) are promoting the corporate media's interests. In return, the media covers the news with Republican talking points, and minimizes Republican scandal and corruption.

Whatever happened to campaign finance legislation? Did you know the media lobbyists work against campaign finance reform? There's alot of advertising money to be made and they don't want to lose any money or control over our congress.

The blog world and it's echoes have brought important news to the attention of the American people. The mainstream media is being exposed as a Bush/Republican propaganda machine. Sometimes, they actually have to cover a story (even if it is "biased.) So the Blog echo chamber is able to pressure MSM and our congress.

Have you noticed if a mainstream paper, such as The New York Times, does attempt to do some investigative journalism, the corporate mainstream media launches an attack on them and join the Republican voices shouting, "traitors?"

The blog world is "up front" with our bias, the media is not. They profess they are objective and have no hidden agenda other than to report the news. (If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you....ooops...that saying is going to have to go isn't it? They are selling our bridges to foreign companies no less.)

"Objectivity" is a myth not an actuality. If the reader knows a writer's bias up front, they can do additional research across an entire spectrum.

So, my blogger friends please echo on! Keep focusing on those important issues and keep the pressure on!

If I could ask the current Republican candidates one question it would be, "why would Republicans investigate the fan club for the Clinton's cat, Socks, and not investigate the numerous allegations of illegal crimes committed by the Bush White House? I bet they would answer that nothing illegal has happened. then they need to be asked, "Well how would you know? You never investigated!" It is an important question isn't it? "It should be asked of "all" our Republican candidates during their current campaigns.

If it is echoed, maybe the corporate media will have to report it. If it's not echoed...I'm hoping another important issues (there are so many out there) is echoed and kept in the public spotlight.


F. T. Rea said...


It seems you missed the point of the Weekend Without Echoes experiment. If you really think imitating the mainstream media, by copying certain celebrity bloggers who are being paid to feed you phrases and nicknames to chant, then go for it.

The WWE experiment had little to do with the mainstream media. It had mostly to do with encouraging people to think for themselves, and write accordingly.

When you rant at maximum volume on your blog against the bias mainstream media, how different do you think that sounds from what the Dittoheads, etc., scream everyday about how the media are all bias against their peculiar brand of conservatism?

Well, it sounds exactly the same to too many independent voters. It turns them off, because the angry Democrats sound a lot like angry Republicans -- liberal bias! ... conservative bias! ... you started it! ... no, you started it! ... blah, blah, blah.

When you join a blogging team, and play the copycat/echoes game, you are not persuading anybody. That's just preaching to the choir. So, vent your anger if it makes you feel better.

But I say you are probably hurting the cause you seek to help, more than anything else.

In the long run you are playing right into the hands of Karl Rove and his ilk. They know you’re helping to turn everyday people away from politics all the more, because all the angry bluster puts a lot of them off. It keeps the turnout low, which usually helps Republicans.

This year I want to defeat George Allen, not just call him “Felix” to get on his nerves.

Insider said...

Brilliant post, F.T. I agree with everything but the last sentence.

Mosquito said...

F.T. Rae--

Something was definitely lost in the translation of my article. First, I commend you for the Weekend Without Echoes Project and I'm glad you spearheaded this. I'm sorry if you took this article as a criticism. I think you have a refreshing and delightful blog and I visit you regularly.

I was motivated to write this piece after reading this July 08 blog post--The Challenge, The Echo Chamber, The Mainstream Media, and The Bloggers. I found it interesting that some reporters were criticizing bloggers for being an echo chamber...I think that article made some great points. I wanted to elaborate on the fact that the media utilizes only a few sources for their "news" and they "echo" a story and keep it in the spotlight to pressure others to act on it.

(Note: I'm a newbie to the blogging world and I'm not aware of who the famous bloggers are. I wasn't aware that Anonymous is a woman was a famous blogger.)

I want to get my belief--that the MSM has a "CORPORATE" bias--into the public arena (the MSM is not going to spread this message). I'm sorry that point was missed. I don't recall using the terms conservative or liberal to define the bias. I don't agree with simply branding the media as "liberal" (which is a label the media itself promotes) or "conservative." Both of these labels "miss" the point. The issue is their "corporate" bias which is never acknowledged but shapes the news, from the stories they assign, to their editing and layout. This corporate perspective also determines which stories they decide to pursue, repeat, and keep in the public arena.

However, I'm at a loss as to how you could come to the conclusion that I'm advocating "imitating" the corporate MSM press. One reason I blog is because the corporate media is no longer doing investigative journalism, nor is it focusing on the issues I believe are important. I do check the MSM (to see what they are up to) and I rely on a variety of alternative media and critiques from media analysts when forming my opinion.. This often involves reading a wide range of nonfiction books.

Finally, unlike Insider, I agree with your "Felix" comment. I initially joined in and started to call George "Felix." It was a fun prank that has grown old and stale for me. I am not enjoying this prank anymore myself.

So Buzz Buzz all....mosquito_pest

F. T. Rea said...


Sorry if my comments seemed harsh. I really didn't mean to attack your blog. My choice of pronouns was off kilter.

When I wrote: "When you rant at maximum volume on your blog against the bias...", it wasn’t aimed at you, personally.

What I should have written was this: "When one rants at maximum volume on their blog against the bias..."

The points I made were aimed at the notion that the echo chamber effect is serving Democrats well in this election year. I do not believe it is.

Mosquito said...


Thanks F.T.As usual, you've brought up another great point

Preaching to the choir maybe good for raising motivation but it surely can backfire...however, I am "sympathetic" with the justiviable anger I see arising from oppressed groups....