Sunday, July 23, 2006

W.O.E.--Where's my muse?

I checked all the filing cabinets and the disks with the files. I even resorted to checking under the bed. Nothing, nowhere. All my prior creative writing has disappeared. Oh no, I signed up for the Weekend without Echoes project--W.O.E. It's Sunday and nothing can be found.

To make matters worst my mind is not into naval gazing and letting the muse spring up from my depths. it seems like family and friends have sprung up out of nowhere with inconvenient emergencies needing my help and support. My focus is everywhere but here in blogville.

I'm furious with what's happening to innocent people, folks just like me, living in hell in other parts of the world. I'm especially focused on the Mid-East because the current Bush regime is embarked on a reign of terror in that region in Iraq. The Bush regime is sending additional munitions to Israel so they can continue to stay the course of illegally invading (and maybe occupying?) Lebannon.

So, my apologies to F.T. Rea, Vivian Page, and the other participants in W.O.E. I'm just not there. I'm sorry I'm not fulfilling my committment this weekend.

I guess I'm just following that pesky mosquito nature of mine.
buzz buzz....mosquito


Vivian J. Paige said...

That's Paige, BTW. The article you posted yesterday was a good one!

Mosquito said...

thanks vivian...sorry for the typo...