Wednesday, August 02, 2006

George Allen's Grand Oil Party

Senator George Allen doesn't seem to have a principle or ethic left that can't be bought. Allen has been an strong supporter of States Rights...(well he was when States Rights had a history of keeping Jim Crow laws in effect.)

Now States Rights are often being used to empower the citizens of a state. Combine this with lots of Big Oil money. Suddenly George Allen is circumventing Virginia's right to self determination and selling us out with his Senate Amendment 4748. The Senate Amendment text can be found on Raising Kane (August 1, 2006).

George Allen, the citizens of Virginia lobbied hard against oil drilling off our coasts. We don't want the oil spills. We requested that Governor Kaine veto the legislation. Governor Kaine listened to the people of Virginia. The shame of this is that you refuse to hear us. You are a dirty rotten scoundrel to have put up an Amendment circumventing Virginia's wishes in this matter.

If oil is drilled at this time the main beneficiaries are Big Oil and not the American nor Virginian people. That oil will be out of here and put up on the world market. We want to keep our oil until there is a time that we maybe desperate for it's use. If it's drilled now it goes on the world market for a fraction of what it is truly worth.

If there comes a time in the future when we decide that it's in our best interests to drill off Virginia's coast we'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, keep Big Oil's greedy hands off our coastline and our oil!

Please contact Senator Warner asap and request that he NOT support this amendment eroding states rights in Virginia. Let Senator Warner know that we want to keep our oil for now. We may really need it in the near future and it should only be drilled if it's going to be designated for distribution in America and not placed on the world market!

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