Monday, August 07, 2006

Hopefully This IS a Do Nothing Congress....

I hear this Congress is called the Do Nothing Congress....I hope it's true. They keep managing to pass laws that amount to "corporate welfare" giving extra benefits to the elite and taking more and more from the middle and lower class.

Everytime I turn around they are introducing "once again" legislation that we managed to stop....drilling in ANWR. Doesn't anyone realize this is only going to benefit BIG OIL...That precious national resource is going to be spoiled so "Our Oil" can go on the world market to make more profits for Big Oil. That is "our" oil and should have remained so until a time came when we were desparate enough to have to use it. What's the rush? "Our Oil" is only going to increase in value. But Big Oil lobbyists had the last say on this one. This bill was beaten back again and again because the majority of Americans did not want this bill passed. Big Oil got it's way....once again at our expense. AND we get no break in our gas prices.

Speaking of "once again" legislation...don't pass that dreadful Stevens telecommunications bill without strong net neutrality protections. Don't give the telecommunications a blank check to control our internet.

They continue to try to pass the Paris Hilton giveaway and now the Republicans are attaching this to much needed minimum wage increases. I say don't give millions away to the Paris Hiltons in order to throw a few scraps to ordinary Americans. Wait until November, when hopefully this can be done right.

Bush and Cheney are pushing their Republican Congress to rush a few more bills into play to avoid any November surprises that will prevent their passage. They want to legalize criminal actions that the Bush regime maybe guilty of. A bill will "legalize" spying and possibly mass data collection on American citizens, another bill will immunize the CIVILIANS from prosecution for war crimes (renditions, torture, and illegal invasions), and also let's not forget to give Bush and Cheney a new power-- the ability to lock up Americans that they determines to be a threat to their version of "National Security," with no habeus corpus, and no entitlement to the fair trial as we have always known in this now mythical land of the free.

They want us to give up our freedoms while they make us "less safe" with hopes of invading Iran next. They have the propaganda machine running full blast to support their plans for world domination. The way I see it the American citizens have nothing to gain from invading Iran and everything to lose.

I hope that the Bolton nomination doesn't go through. We need a statesman not a neocon in the United Nations. The United Nations will never fulfill it's promise as long as the United States continues to act the bully and refuse to follow international law. We tell others they must adhere to international law while we blatently break the laws time and again.

I hope the Democrats maintain their newly found spines and hold off all of this nonsense....and I pray our November elections are not stolen. I have full confidendce that if the elections are honest Americans will vote to restore the balance of power in D.C. and get some accountability back into our government.

How can anyone continue to wonder why the world resents the current US gov? The majority of Americans no longer support the Bush/Cheney cabal. Many Americans are furious and resentful of what's been done in our name. I don't believe the world is going to continue to rein in their resentment to "just our gov" if we "approve" the current Republican policies this November....and why should they?

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