Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Private Developer Uses Army to Circumvent Local Government

Hopefully Virginia's Senators and Representatives will get busy in September and introduce legislation preventing the Federal Government from using Federal land for commercial ventures with private developers.

This Military Theme Park in Fairfax Va is a ridiculous idea. No developer should be able to circumvent local government and callously disregard the local planning needs of the community .

We definitely don't need our U.S. Department of Defense becoming involved in private, commercial endeavors. This is not part of their mission.

The Washington Post article with details is here.


J.C. Wilmore said...

Things like this are going to help us (Democrats) in November. Such a stupid idea, undertaken in such an underhanded way, will help generate a backlash in NoVA.

Who knew Rummy was into real estate development?

Mosquito said...

I hear Rummy is also into tamiflu investments in case the bird flu "comes" to the USA....sure makes one feel safer doesn't it?

Buzz Buzz....