Monday, August 21, 2006

Washington Post Declares Iraq is in Civil War

Finally the MSM is catching on. Better late than never.

The Washington Post states that Iraq is in Civil War.

I wonder how long the Bush regime will continue to use the term "sectarian violence?"

"Some say" that Washington is planning to forget democracy in Iraq and are working on a plan b to install a government that is "friendly" to Washington.....Washington has a bias for foreign dictatorships....when are they going to learn?


JPTERP said...

MP, it's about time. I will give the Post credit on this one. There is a world of difference between it's editorial and reporting sides. Anthony Shadid and Tom Ricks in particular have been doing some excellent unsparring reporting.

If you haven't read it, check out Tom Rick's "Fiasco: The American Misadventure in Iraq". The book is thoroughly documented and very well written. The book gives you a tremendous respect for most of the rank and file servicemen (and women). It also confirms many of the concern involving the civilian leadership. Well worth reading

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Great post Mosquito. And jterp is right too. I have often wondered if the WaPo's editorial writers actually read their own front page reporters.

Also, I forgot who said this and on which of the Sunday talk shows I heard it, but one of the pundits - and I believe it was a pro-war Republican - admitted that once this thing devolves into a civil war, the bottom drops out and it loses all public support.

Looks like that realization is finally hitting.