Friday, September 22, 2006

The Changing Face of Hampton Roads

I remember when it was difficult to get a crowd together for anything progressive in Hampton Roads. This has changed in the last few years thanks to the efforts of a number of Hampton Roads citizens such as Steve and Kim Baggerly and their Catholic Workers, Tom of the Gaia Circle, Tench at the Naro Cinema, Jean and Star of The iMage Project and the World Dreams Peace Bridge, the Emanuels in Va Beach with their monthly salons, Dani Vedros and David Gordon and their Second Saturday Salon, Tom Palumbo, Ann Williams, and George Ibarro of the the Southern Eye, Whit Peace, Alexandra Kedrock and the rest of the folk at Hampt0n Roads Network for Nonviolence, Susan Posey and her annual Fair Trade Festival, J.P and his friends with Food Not Bombs, Alma Kessling and Bev Sell and their work in Five Points, the local farmer markets, the folks at the 40th Street Theatre, Ann Hageman and the Equality VA community....These folks and others have come together to create a thriving prgressive network.

Last year a coalition of over twenty groups formed The Tidewater Peace Alliance. This organization worked with the Naro Cinema and started their work with The Light into Darkness Peace Film Festival last December.

The Unitarian Church hosted a celebration of the United Nations Day of Peace last night. This event was sponsored by The Tidewater Peace Alliance, the Naro Cinema, the Studio for the HEaling Arts, and a long list of local progressive organizations. 150 folks shared a night of inspirational speeches, dance, singing, and interactions with each other. It was definitely a warm community gathering.

This weekend the Green Film Festival continues...Naro will be showing a number of great films including Who Killed the Electric Car. There will also be seminars at the nearby Studio for the Healing Arts.

On Sunday evening i a new, important documentary--raq for Sale:The War Profiteers--will be shown. This is a new documentary and it's a must see for anyone planning to vote on November 7.

On Friday night, The film God and Gays: Bridging the Gap wukk be sgiwb, Nel White (Soulforce) and the producer and Director will be on hand to discuss the film. This is another must see film with the Marshall Neuman amendment on the ballot.

Check it out:

The Green Film Festival schedule of films, showtimes, and events

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