Monday, September 11, 2006

Honor 9/11 Press For Truth

To Honor 9/11 means demanding the Truth of what occurred and not settling for anything less. In obtaining the truth we can fix what went wrong and make our the world a safer place.

Don't support the blasphemy and propaganda of flicks like Path to 9/11. It's best to boycott this film and your local ABC affiliate's news programming. That will have a big impact on their bottom line.

Here's a new documentary FREE on the internet that is astounding in the research that has gone into it.

Every American should watch this film and then demand answers.

Here's the Link to watch this important documentary 9/11 Press For Truth

If you've never visited The Complete 9/11 Timeline it's a great resource for anyone interested in finding out various connections with the 9/11 tragedy. Paul Thompson has done an incredible amount of research.

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