Monday, October 16, 2006

Baker will recommend Jim Webb's plan in Iraq

That's my prediction.

The commission led by James Baker and backed by President Bush will not "officially" announce it's recommendations until AFTER the election. Allegedly, they don't want their conclusions to affect Bush's presidency. However, the LA times reports that they are NOT recommending "stay the course."

The options they recommend sound like they came from our very own Jim Webb. Wow.,..soon George Bush is going to be pushing Webb's options....I guess everyone knows better than to plagiarize George Allen's work. Never pick anyone dumber than you to copy from.

Wouldn't it be best if we had Webb in the Senate rather than that rubber stamp George Allen? That rubber stamp that gets so much funding from the lobbyists for the elite special interests?


Chesty said...

I noticed this, too. Webb's campaign needs to make some SERIOUS political hay out of this between now and election day. I emailed the campaign yesterday, but I didn't get a response. (Not surprising, but they HAVE to see this!)

Mosquito said...

The scuttlebut around DC is that Bush is having his Baker Commission report their findings to him AFTER the election and then Bush will blow off Baker's report as he does all the facts and all the reality that he dislikes.

Hopefully, Congress will be in the Dem hands by then and they can hold Bush accountable for his irresponsible and incompetent behavior.