Friday, October 20, 2006

Maybe we should stop having elections?

If you listen to the Republican spin you might start to think that elections are a bad idea.....It was just so convenient that the Foley sexual predator scandal came out "right before an election"....and now those damn "insurgents" are increasing their attacks b/c of the US elections.

Well, Mr. Bush...The New York Times HELD BACK the wiretapping story (while you campaigned and told the American people that no such program existed) when you were running for re-election...they held it for an entire year. I guess you prefer the media to listen to your commands...

Now you have the military making this political spin with no proof whatsoever. It's more feasible that the insurgency is "surging" because it's the month of Ramadan and the attacks typically increase during this time period. Combine that with the fact that you recently fired two of their top leaders who were top commanders in the police force, along with arresting a top leader on Tuesday.....and you have stirred up a hornet's nest.

Now you are using the military to put out Republican spin and distort our political process evidenced by the daily press briefing by Major General Caldwell yesterday.

Precise quotes are difficult because CNN broke in with a special report on Caldwell's daily briefing. They QUICKLY cut away after the Major General uttered two sentences to cover some dribble (It may have been the sting ray that jumped into the boat and attacking an elderly man)......But here's the gist of what Caldwell said.

Caldwell stated that the stepped-up insurgent violence may be part of an effort to influence the American far so good Caldwell is following the Republican line.Previously, Caldwell consistently blamed the increased attacks on Ramadan...but "today" he started using the Republican "spin." I doubt that was an accident and probably one reason why CNN was featuring this as a "special report" and broke into their progarmming with the briefing.

I have a feeling CNN cut away from the briefing because of what he started to say after this. Caldwell went on to say that the Baghdad situation is "deteriorating" (attacks increased by 22 percent). Caldwell said that the "Forward Together" plan is not working and needs to be reassessed. Despite increased US troops and joint US/Iraq operations.

The US Military should not be used to sway political elections....The military should not just state a Republican talking point with no evidence to back it up. This is the Pentagon INTERFERING with the American election process.

According to Will Bunch, "What General Caldwell said amounts to political slander. Democrats and others who care about the political process here at home should comdemn it quickly, because slander has a way of spreading....The Congressional Iraq Study Group says that civil war is weeks away, even though it looks like it's here already. Why isn't CNN reporting this story by the Reuters news agency, that Sunnis in parts of Iraq are already declaring an independent state..."

Shame on George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and the Republican party for using the Pentagon to help them spin and try to win an election.

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