Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Riverbend Lives! Baghdad Burning is Back!!

I just visited Baghdad Burning and River is up and running again.

If only the Corporate Media would publish River's words about Iraq to add some much meeded perspective to balance out the Bush and Corporate Propaganda that floods America's media.

Thank Heavens for the internet. This post is a must read. Read it here


beachmom1 said...

I'm thrilled that Riverbend is still alive. Do you read a lot of Iraqi blogs? May I suggest two:


The Kid's

There is also a right wing catering Iraqi blog called Iraq the Model:

I like The Kid and Healing Iraq the best, because they just tell it like it is -- some of their entries make pro-war people mad, other stuff will make anti-war people mad, but they strike me as very genuine.

Anyway, check them out because there is a major riff happening in the Iraqi blogosphere, and it's fascinating to watch -- most bloggers are condemning Iraq the Model's recent post on the Lancet numbers. The thing is that the Iraqi blogosphere never behaved like the American one until now. They don't link to each other and disagree or post on each other's blogs to disagree. I think this "fight" is actually a good thing -- it involves discussion, not violence.

Mosquito said...

Thanks for the info....I'll check these out.

Supposedly the founder of the World Dreams Peace Bridge is either going to write a post or consent to an interveiw....that's a group you may also be interested in....