Monday, October 30, 2006

Sign Wars in Portsmouth, VA

I have lesbian friends who live peacefully in Portsmouth VA. They are both community activists. One of them walks daily in the park and has an organic garden in the front yard that the neighbors rave about.

Their Webb signs were stolen...AND a large 6 foot by 4 foot "swiftboat" vets for George sign was put up NEXT to their house on the city owned Railroad tracks.....They did the right thing...they called the city who got it down within two days.

They called last night upset b/c now the vet sign was back up AND 4 vote yes signs were placed in front of it.

This morning they called. It seems their neighbors got upset at the divisiveness in the neighborhood. The neighbors decided to take it upon themselves to take down the signs, save the city some money, and show their support for their neighbors.
Their neighbors are disgusted with the divisiveness and nastiness of the Allen people. These neighbors have decided they are now voting for Jim Webb.

My friends are feeling much better now. They figured the Allen contingent is stupid enough to keep putting that sign back up...AND more of their neighbors will end up defecting.

They now have two vote no signs in their yard and hope to have replacement Webb signs up tomorrow with another sign that says...they've been stealing our signs!!!


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Va Breeze said...

Been having some trouble in Va Beach with sign "removal" also.