Thursday, October 12, 2006

UPDATE--Riverbend of Baghdad Burning

My source contacted the publisher of Baghdad Burning--the Feminist Press. They are concerned because they have had no communication with River. The publisher's spokesperson confirmed that this is the longest lapse in communication with Riverbend that the publisher has experienced.

My source will be sending an email (within the next few days) to someone at the Feminist Press who will forward it onto their contact email for River....Hopefully, River will surface soon and be in contact...that is the best case scenario.


Sumit K said...

I've followed Baghdad Burning on and off for several months. The last post is still dated as October. I really hope the author is all right.

Mosquito said...

I was told by her publisher that she sometimes did not get in touch for a few months at a time.

However, the situation in Iraq is a huge humanitarian crisis that is not being reported by the corporate media.

River is now a refuge and I wonder how long Syria is going to host Iraqi refugees.

Pray for R and all the Iraqi's .....and maybe send some money their way. I have a friend with the World Dreams Peace Bridge and the who is currently raising money for a church in Syria which has programs in place working with Iraqi refugees. Her name is Jean Campbell if you wish to get in touch with her.