Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weekened happenings

The MoveOn reception at Azar's was absolutely fabulous. The hors d'oeuvres buffet was fabulous with all you could eat grape leaves, tabbouleh, a rice dish, cheese, olives, hummus, pita, and azar's wonderful wraps. The place was filled with friendly progressives. I swear it looks like some Republicans in the area have even drifted over into the Moveon camp. Oh Happy Days.

MoveON has opened an office in in Virginia Beach on Va Beach Blvd. They will be phone banking from this location on a regular basis.

The Al Franken film that followed the reception --God Spoke--was hilarious....What a great evening...greek food and Al Franken!

The Green Screen Film Festival was definitely a success...It looks like various groups in the area may have increased their membership as a result of folks getting connected and hooking up.

The Green Screen Film Festival ends on Tuesday nite. However, their Wed. and Thurs. nite film, Scanner Darkly, could easily have been wrapped into the festival...Ever since the Matrix series I keep an eye out for Keannu Reeves. So this film looks promising.

There was also a GREAT DEMO at gate 5 of the Naval Base. It was historic since it was the FIRST rally against Bush's War on Iran. There were enough folks to put a presence on all four corners of the base intersection and their were three very impressive large banners. (Two of the banners came from a DC group)...Pics on this will follow later. Oh, but you didn't hear about it in the news? Are you really surprised about that? Since when was our local media doing a good job covering local news??


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Eileen Levandoski said...

I'd really like to see a presentation of "Iraq for Sale" sometime soon in Virginia Beach. I got an email saying that MoveOn is trying to encourage presentations in folks' homes. I'd like to see it in a much less intimate of a setting like at a community center or a library. Can you connect me with those in the know on how this can be pulled off? It would of course have to be before the election and I would be there with my Dem hat however unofficially.