Thursday, November 23, 2006

George Allen misses with this last shot

Thank heavens George Allen is on his way out. However, he is giving all of us one last shot...and it really misses the mark on what we want or need.

Anyone who enjoys the national parks in this country are sure to feel more threatened if Allen's legislation is approved. Allen wants citizens to be able to carry guns into our national parks.

I'd feel safer with more park rangers and no guns. The park rangers are not looking forward to having to deal with armed citizens in the parks.

The Republicans are not attending to the spending bills that they have failed to address (and are leaving behind in an attempt to thwart and slow down the agenda that got the Democrats elected. Instead they are trying to rush this kind of nonsense through the Congress.

Hopefully you will contact Warner, Allen, and your Representatives in the House and get this bill killed.

That would be "our" parting shot to Senator Allen.

The New York Times is correct is accessing this bill as one that fails to provide protection and increases the dangers for all of us.

Source is The New York Times

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