Thursday, November 02, 2006

George Allen's best doesn't trump Keith Olbermann

George Allen has a video up at his website which is his response to Keith Olbermann. If that's the best Allen can do I would "normally" say that George Allen is in trouble.

The pudgy fellow (who's built like a tank) is the same guy that ran interference on Webb's tracker and would rudely get in the way of any shot she tried to take of Allen. I've seen him before at Allen's stops and he's like a linebacker on a football team...His job is to keep you away from his quarterback. He's "pushing" Mike Stark with his heavy body...that's what this clown does...and is preventing Stark from getting close enough to ask Senator Allen a question. So the assault started there...with the body push...Stark is simply trying to leave the room and yes he does use his arms to push the body off of his so he can exit the room.

I say "normally" b/c with all of Allen's "connections" in this case I'm sure he's going to pull every string he can to get his folks off of the assault charge they so soundly deserve.

ALL Virginia elected officials should make themselves available to constituents questions.

Allen's staff is notorious for shielding him from his constituents. IF you were one of the many constituents calling Allen on any issue (let's use Net Neutrality for example) you will know from experience that they are good at putting up a castle wall around their king.

I'm also tired of the corporate media painting Allen as a "popular" VA Senator. Obviously they did not do any research. One glance at Allen's approval ratings would show this is not the case. Allen may have been a popular governor but as a Senator he has let Virginians down.

I'll be so glad when Webb replaces Allen.


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