Friday, November 24, 2006

Media Watch--Hampton Roads

Local television newscasts are difficult for many of us to keep up with. Yesterday, I was flipping through channels and I caught the tail end of a WVEC tv (channel 13) broadcast. They were comparing drug prices of three popular prescription drugs (I have no idea if these were generics, etc). However, unlike the Virginian Pilot's recent drug story WVEC included COSTCO in it's report. I saw that the lowest COSTCO competitor's prices for the three drugs was approximately $116.00

Costco's price was approximately $47.00. The $69.00 savings is significant. It would definitely be worth the time and gas to travel to Costco to get this kind of savings.

So three and a half buzzes for WVEC for doing a competent job reporting on local drug prices.

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