Monday, November 20, 2006


The United States now ranks 53rd in the world concerning news reporting. The represents a free fall of 34 spots in four years (The US started as 17th in the world.)

The Corporate Media rivals the power of governments, it is hypothesisized that George Bush's cousin, working in the notorious Fox News Dept. gave the okay to announce that George Bush had won Florida which helped set the environment for the election of George Bush in 2000. Bush's appointment to the Presidency was approved by the Supreme Court which bypassed the votes of the American people.

The media can make or break the reputation of a politician, a military leader, a civic leader, or any citizen activist.

The Corporate Media is the largest and least reported special interest lobbying group in the USA.

Hopefully bloggers will consistently keep a watch on the Media, locally and nationwide and call them to task for corporate bias, corporate agendas, "influencing" Congress, distorting the facts, refusing to cover important stories....and the list goes on and on.

It needs to be blogged about when the Corporate Media tries to paint the new Democratic party as split and divisive while ignoring a greater split and dividing currently occurring in the Republican party.

If you read an article in the national or local press that you know is not giving a full factual picture (perhaps it is in your area of expertise?) call them on it.

The Corporate Media is going to continue the corporate agenda and NOT report the news accurately....unless other forces kick in to stop this pattern of behavior.

Calling them on it is one step to reversing this process. Blogs are a valuable tool to OUTING the Corporate Media.

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