Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ava Lowery's Letter to America

Warning: Images of war by 15 year old Southern Peace Activist

We voted in a new Congress to stop Bush from staying the course. Bush is putting off until January to announce the obvious....

Despite our voices, and our votes, Bush plans to ESCALATE the war in Iraq and also INVADE Iran.

Send the New Congress a strong message via email and phone...and if you can make it to Washington DC...schedule a time to meet with your representatives and march with your fellow citizens on January 11th and/or the 27th....

International Day of Action to
Shut Down

On Saturday, Jan. 27th, people from every corner of the country will march on Washington, DC. Our message will be clear, our voice will be strong: End the war in Iraq, Bring all the troops home now! We urge you to join us!

On Mon., Jan. 29th, we will take our message directly to the new Congress during our lobby day. Click here for more info and to sign up to participate.

You can help make these critical actions a great success:

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