Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy XMAS--War is Over

Warning--Video contains images of war

Merry XMAS and Peace on Earth! God Blesses EVERYONE not just Americans.....

This war is over if we want it. We spoke out loufl during the midterm. Now they are hoping we will shut up and go on about our lives while they continue to mislead us.

IF we want out of Iraq we will need to keep speaking out and not shut up until all our troops are home. GO TO D.C. ON JANUARY 3 OR 4 AND LOBBY CONGRESS TO END THIS WAR. If you can't do it in person CALL or EMAIL ALL your elected officials in D.C.

We voted to end this war. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gates, et al are going to spin it and lie to keep us in Iraq AND have us start ANOTHER war in Iran. Let's do what is necessary to stop these war profiteers and "their" terrorism of others.

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