Friday, December 15, 2006

Media Watch--WAVY TV 10 ignores the "Static"

Amy and David Goodman appeared on the Washington Journal (Cspan) today discussing their new bestseller, “Static,” and answering questions called in from viewers. Amy Goodman is the award winning journalist working with Democracy Now. Amy Goodman said, “We need media that covers the movements that create static in our society.” I agree with her; the discussions important to a democracy can occur when media covers the “static.”

Media should not be silent on the important issues and important questions of the day. Media should go where the silence is. Independent media is crucial for any democracy. How can citizens "rule" if they don't have the information they need to make informed decisions?

In this spirit of media I must express my “disdain” for Wavy TV 10 news who has repeatedly failed to cover recent demonstrations and street theatre occurring in Hampton Roads (even when they are “there.”) I watched Wavy TV 10 parked their satellite truck in a parking lot across the street from a local demonstration outside the gates of the Norfolk Naval Base but did not attempt to talk or “cover” the demonstration.

On Wednesday night I watched Wavy TV 10 drive by the Naro Theatre as local residents honored the Iraqi children killed a memorial of candles and children’s shoes bearing the names of children killed. There were readings of the names and singing to honor these victims of America’s current occupation of Iraq.

The Corporate Media ignores the voices of local citizens speaking out against the Bush agenda.

We will not be silenced.

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Martina said...

We need media that covers the movements that careate static in our society.