Monday, December 04, 2006


Friday and Saturday a capacity crowd attended Susan Posey's annual Fair Trade Festival at Sacred Heart Church in Norfolk. The entertainment was excellent with many crowd pleasing acts. Terra Nova was on hand with vegatarian meals made from local produce.

On Sunday thirty folks gathered for the Bringing It Home Seminar. A short video--The True Cost of Food--was shown. Farmer John Wilson was in attendance and he shared information about Community Supported Agriculture--CSA--and the benefits of local, sustainable, organic farming. Five Points Farmer's Market also sent a representative to discuss the community building and activism that is occurring in the Five Points Section of Norfolk surrounding the local Farmer's Market there.

There was intense discussion of what the community can do to support the local sustainable farm movement by volunteering at the CSA's, the local Farmer's Market, and creating urban vegetable gardens. The Fair Trade cities and zoning was also discussed.

Food Not Bombs folks are serving the homeless at two locations in Norfolk every Sunday afternoon and they obtained some additional food resources at this event. Approximately 15 folks have decided to continue meeting and volunteering their time and energy in these projects.

Afterwards some of the participants gathered to eat at the local No Frill Grill in Ghent.

On Wednesday night. Samdouin will begin with the filmamkers at a reception at Azar's in Norfolk at 6 pm. This will be followed by the multi media presentation of Samdouin and a discussion to follow. It is great to have an opportunity to discuss the middle east with two independent, investigative journalists who recently spent time there.I'll put up more on the Samidoun event later.

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