Friday, December 08, 2006

Remind Congress WE want out of Iraq....

Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) were on TV yesterday; they are concerned that many in Congress did not receive the message we sent to Congress during the midterm election. They suggested that those of us who voted for change and to end this illegal occupation of Iraq contact our representatives and Senators in Congress and let them know what WE want regarding Iraq. After all we are the ones that end up bearing ALL the costs.

So keep your elected officials honest....At the very least, contact them this week (phone and/or email) to give them something to ponder during their Christmas vacation....maybe you'll want to contact their office and schedule an office visit with yourself and a few neighbors while they are home for the holidays.

It's probably a good idea to stay in regular contact with them. After all, "special interest" lobbyists (defense contractors, corporations) are sending many folks to their congressional office every day with their "reasoning." So plan on contacting them again when they return to Congress and then continue to give them "regular" wake up calls as needed.

If you'd like to stay an extra step ahead of the special interest lobbyists you might let them know that we don't want our government starting any new wars with Iran or down in South America either.....If you're afraid and thinking that someone is planning to invade America and "occupy" us then I suggest you make a psychiatric appointment for an assessment.

We have OUR priorities that need to be addressed asap amd it's up to us to speak them to the powers to be...we, the people are the ones who don't have the special interest lobbyists and we know what that means. If we don't speak out on OUR issues--health care/health insurance, our troops special health needs, transportation issues, rebuilding NOLA and the nation's infrastructure--they will not be addressed.

Here's a video from the 15 year old peace activist Ava Lowery if you need any inspiration....just substitute Christmas for Thanksgiving....

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