Tuesday, December 19, 2006

VA "lefty" blogs under surveillance

Mosquito is usually on top of things and was aware when military intelligence was visiting on a regular basis, as well as various other governmental departments. M knows Corporations keep an intense check on blogs and mail list. They've even been known to "threaten" lawsuits if someone writes negatively about them and/or their products. With the recent medical experimentation article the Sentara operation has given us a number of hits. My personal fave are hits from folks like the latimes.com (That's one paper I enjoy reading.)

Mosquito told me about this regular visitor from Yorktown who would spend hours at a time on the blog. I checked and six visits already today from 1:58 am until 8:44 a.m. for over 3 1/2 hours on this blog. I was amused that M hadn't already figured it out. But the CIA has a facility located in the Yorktown area and the blog "fan" is most likely "not" a fan. It sounds like one or more employees working a shift monitoring blogs. The outclicks usually go to "interesting" places like site meter and various beta blog pages that should not be assessable to the average net surfer. However, there was one "outclick" to Black Nell's blog.

I bet there are other lefty blogs in VA with regular visits from Yorktown for multiple page views on the same day....sharing the same "ISP." So check your blogging records folks. Let's see if the CIA, military intelligence, and/or DHS are wasting their time "monitoring" Bush's political opposition instead of those "actual" terrorists who plan violent actions. That's where they should be spending there time isn't it?

But then in Bush World they have a reputation for incompetency and wasting time and money?

I know that Mosquito blogged about various government visitors months ago (and recently another progressive VA blogger wrote about the CIA visiting them. (yes...sometimes it actually says CIA. Mosquito reports one known prior visit that was identified as CIA)

Unfortunately we've entered dark times in our country where the people who should be "under surveillance" aren't and the patriots trying to shed light on all the illegal stuff going on are the ones under surveillance.

So don't be intimidated and let's keep working to get our democracy back on track.

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Mosquito said...

Okay Star...This is getting interesting...The Yorktown connection logged on again at 8:44 a.m. and is still on almost three hours later...so maybe that ups the anti to maybe 6 hours online time today?

Buzz Buzz Yorktown visitor..I see you are still online....Did you fall asleep at your computer??

Let's see....are you a fan? Or maybe a very slow reader? A paid employee...or just can't get enough of our blog. I bet we could come up with all sorts of comspiracy theories....

Time of Visit Dec 19 2006 8:44:35 am
Last Page View Dec 19 2006 11:27:20 am
Visit Length 2 hours 42 minutes 45 seconds
Page Views 7

Maybe you're going for a Guiness world record?? Individual record or tag team record....

Interesting....But maybe you are an open minded conservative who is soon going to be transformed into a progressive American....

Maybe you'll actually leave a comment someday.....

Buzz Buzz to you