Sunday, January 14, 2007

Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz....

Mosquito's back!! My relative is doing better and no longer needs my assistance.

I'm not sure how "prolific" I'll be beyond a daily post because we have some exciting changes coming up which are going to require some extensive set up work....but I think you'll like what we end up with over here.

In the meantime...I have been cruising around as much as possible and visiting the other VA bloggers. I must say that I'm so proud of Virginia's progressive bloggers!! I know the majority are democratic and not independent sorts like Mosquito who will go for the best progressive candidate I can find....but in the end (in VA at least) that has meant a Democratic candidate. You folks ROCK!! New folks are emerging and I say the more diversity, the more voices, the better off we'll all be!!

My New Years Resolution included " continue making this a better world and in that vein I hope to promote stuff like a "PEACEFUL AMERICA," more reporting on local grass roots groups and their projects, improved public media, net neutrality, voter verification, instant run off voting....Hopefully in my lifetime there will be instant run off voting so I can vote for the person I want and then make a second choice in case my "ideal" candidate is not able to capture the majority. At least it won't mean that my LAST choice for a candidate for public office won't slip in there by mistake....

So Buzz Buzz to everyone!

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