Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quotation of the Week of January 22, by Yogi Bhajan

(Yogi Bhajan, who died several years ago, was a Sikh Master from India who came to the US in the 60's to found the 3HO Foundation (http://www.3ho.org/), which became a series of ashrams that have spread across America teaching Yoga and a more spiritual lifestyle. He was a very wise man and an advocate for the Aquarian Age, which, in the bleakness of today's landscape, we tend to forget we are now moving into. There is light at the end of the tunnel.)


What is the one principle that is most absent in the actions and philosophies of the hard Right-wing, the Neocons, the Apostles of war, violence and fear, those who want to dictate to the world at the point of a gun and who seek to divide humanity with hatred?

In a word, love. Progressive forces must fully recognize this, lest we adopt some of their wretched tactics. It is love which gives our cause meaning, and which will sustain us as we work to manifest the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.

Yogi Bhajan often spoke eloquently about love. Here is an excerpt from what he said in a lecture in June 1970:

"Man has to live in love - love which is not lust. Love where there is no possession, no slavery of another person. Love which is a giving. Love which is for the sake of love. Love which lasts forever. Love which is a total sacrifice. Love which is more than the grace of God itself. Love which gives a halo around the face of the person. Love through which one can see God in the eyes of the person. Love with which the body shines, the words become sweet, and the communication is absolutely beautiful. That love for which one sacrifices his own life to save a little bit of injury to another person. That love with which one pleasantly and peacefully takes all the pain into his heart to redeem another fellow being. That love can only flow when one knows how to tune into that universal God."

-from Aquarian Times, volume 5, number 6, Nov/Dec 2006, p.28.

So tune in to the heartbeat of the planet, the highest energies of the Cosmos, and the Truth in our souls. Channel the positive force of love into ourselves and out into the world until it becomes a momentous force for transformation.

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Star Womanspirit said...


You are such a special activist...your political anaylsis can be so deep yet your heart goes even deeper.

Thanks for reminding me to continue to work to integrate my heart and my compassion when I'm trying to make changes in this world.

The biggest challenge to my my personal growth goal of continually integrating mind/body/spirit (mind/heart/soul) is when I'm angry at some neocon policy that is about to infringe on my freedom and my life.....

I will continue to work on this. I hope all is well with you my friend!