Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Army Veteran Arrested Trying to Petition Rep. Thelma Drake

The First Amendment was denied to an Army Vet on Thurs, Feb 22 thru the machinations of the office of Rep. Thelma Drake, Virginia. He was trying to deliver citizens' letters to her, but was arrested instead. This is a shot across the bow of American Democracy. If Drake gets away with this, what will the authoritarians think of next on the road to tyranny. It is time for us to take action.

Clicking on the title link above takes you to an news/oped article I wrote for OpEdNews.com, with dramatic photo, about Tom Palumbo's arrest and what you can do to protest this. The article provides contact info for Tom Palumbo, Thelma Drake's offices, and a link to send an email to your local Congress Person, Senator or newspaper. Please take a stand now, before more ethically challenged politicians adopt the same methods.


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