Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Condoleezza Rice LIED

When Condoleezza Rice appeared before the Senate she told Senator Webb she wanted to answer his question--does the Bush administration believe they have the authority to start a war with Iran--in writing. Condoleezza Rice said she would get that answer to Senator Webb.

Weeks later, Webb has written to Rice to remind her of the question he wants answered and Rice has not replied.

I hope the Senate will use their constitutional powers and make Condi's sit her butt back in the witness chair and answer some questions. Cite her for contempt if you have to...but this evasiveness and lying has gone on long enough....

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Ellis Goldberg said...

A Nov. 15 2007 AP story indicates Chevron was fined $30M by the SEC for bribing Saddams’s thugs in the “oil for food” deal and that Chevron may face tax evasion charges later. The bribes were in the millions so someone pretty high up at Chevron had to sign off on the payments. Unfortunately the AP story did not mention Dr. Condoleezza Rice the Chevron board member and the chairman of the “Public Policy Committee” which is responsible for making sure this kind of activity does not happen.

The Chevron website says the committee’s purposes include “identifying, evaluating and monitoring social, political and environmental trends, issues and concerns”, “analyzing how public policy trends could impact business activities and performance". Dr. Rice never discussed the Iraqi bribes on the record (not in the minutes) at company meetings. That should not surprise anyone who is familiar with her lack of response to 911 warnings.

President Clinton put sanctions on Iraq. Actions by Chevron and Rice clearly violated those sanctions and amount to treason. I urge our new Attorney General Michael Mukasey and California Attorney General Jerry Brown determine who at Chevron authorized the millions in bribes.

Ellis Goldberg
Danville CA