Monday, February 26, 2007

Keep Drake on the Hot Seat

Thank heavens the reputable blogosphere is keeping Drake on the hot seat. Thelma Drake needs something to force her to at least try to be a public servant and not simply a Bush/Cheney pawn.

For some time now, Thelma Drake’s landlord has been called to confront dissenting constituents and told they are “trespassing on private property," that the police have been called, and they must leave the premises immediately or face arrest. It didn’t matter if the people (6-20 folks) stated they were constituents and simply visiting their representative’s office to deliver letters or a petition. The police have been called on numerous occasions.

Last week’s incident, resulted in the arrest of a military veteran, Tom Polumbo, who simply sat down in front of the office stating that he would wait for the office to re-open so he could deliver the letters. This resulted in his arrest. This incident was first reported at ShadowNorfolk and was picked up by Mosquito Blog. The VB Dems and GOTV also worked to spread the news.

Thankfully, the Virginia Blogosphere is refusing to let this issue--of a representative’s taxpayer funded office being utilized as a private property—die. Today, some blogs —Vivian Paige and Not Larry Sabato checked in on this issue and are keeping it alive.

Our readers can take action on this. Contact your personal representative in the U.S. House and ask them to file a formal complaint. Also contact Nancy Pelosi’s office via email and/or call her DC office at (202) 225-4965.

Let them know that Drake has violated the House ethics by treating her dissenting consituents to charges of trespassing in order to prevent them from utilizing her office. Drake is treating her publicly funded District Office like it’s her own private office. She should be reimbursing the taxpayers for their office payments. In addition she is not upholding her constitutional oath which includes the rights of her constituent to petition for a redress of grievances.


Eileen Levandoski said...

Beachmom posted it at Democratic Underground:

Lowell got it promoted at Raising Kaine:

I also got it up at MyDD:

Lowell offered to post it at DailyKos, but I don't think he got round to it. Maybe you could do that, Mosquito?

Mosquito said...

Eileen...Thanks for the info....I put the post up at Raising Kaine...Hopefully it will get rated and make the front page.

butlimous said...

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