Monday, March 12, 2007

Halliburtton to escape U.S. taxes and subpoenas

Today ABC News reports that "suddenly" Halliburton is moving it's headquarters from Houston Texas to Dubais.

Halliburton says it is moving to be closer to oil work in the Middle East. Other's are suggesting it is to avoid subpoenas from Congress and U.S. taxes. Halliburton was happy to be here with Cheney leading the way to no-bid contracts in Iraq and in the southern U.S. during the Katrina contracts from our government.

I guess Halliburton doesn't want to be held accountable and have to pay US back for their overcharges and not completing their contracts.

How were these neocons Republicans raised that they feel it is their right to be able to avoid accountability and consequences for their actions? They act like they are above the law, like medieval Kings.


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Mac said...

Halliburton, the new East India Company of the new Empire. Where Halliburton goes, so goes the Imperial Army and its mercenary irregulars. Kill all the kafirs that get in the way and crush all competitors, that's the motto. Hip, hip, tea anyone?