Saturday, March 03, 2007

Military predicts a "Vietnam style of collapse"

An elite team of officers known as the "Baghdad Brains Trust" has predicted the military will face a "Vietnam style of collapse" if there aren't positive changes within the next six months. With increased casualites, including the regular losses of helicopters "positive change" does not seem likely. The main obstacles that must be "turned around" to prevent such a collapse are:

· Insufficient troops on the ground--This is not likely to change. The Iraqi's continue to not show up in sufficient numbers. The American military is suffering from multiple deployments and the American people do not support increasing troop levels.

· A "disintegrating" international coalition--This international coalition now consists of troops only from the U.S., Australia, and England. England has already started withdrawing her troops and they plan to be completely out of Iraq within six months.

· An anticipated increase in violence in the south as the British leave--and the British are already exiting.

· Morale problems as casualties rise

· A failure of political will in Washington and/or Baghdad--This "failure of political will" is not a failure at all....It should more correctly be named the "failure of the Bush Administration." Lying to Congress and the American people to launch an illegal war, combined with continued lying in order to continue "occupying" Iraq, is not a successful formula for gaining public support. The political will is to exit Iraq as soon as possible. IF the political will of the people is successful the United States should be out of Iraq within six months.

It's time for the Bush White House to face reality. They have created a disaster in Iraq. Unfortunately, the civil war has already started and the people of Iraq are going to be sorting this civil war out with or without our presence. The majority of Iraqi's and the majority of Americans want US troops to withdraw. It's only a matter of time before our troops do withdraw.

The incompetents in the Bush White House need to step aside and let the military properly plan and execute a withdrawal from Iraq before our troops are caught in a "Vietnam style of collapse."

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