Thursday, March 29, 2007

National Do Not Call Registry Violations

I signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry when It first began. Unfortunately last year I started receiving phone calls at my home from businesses again. Then I realized that I had to "renew" my phone every five years to the Do Not Call Registry.

So I re-registered over a month ago. Supposedly the phone calls were supposed to stop after 31 days.

Today, 3/29/07 at approximately 5:30 pm Land-or International a telemarketing phone company located in Virginia Beach at 4452 Corporation Lane violated the Do Not Call registry and contacted me on behalf of one of their clients--Colonial Crossing in Williamsburg.

I have reported them to the National Do Not Call List. I suspect that if this law is going to work for those of us who wish to continue to remain protected we are going to have to report such phone calls.

The company "maybe" subject to a penalty of $11,000 per call....but it doesn't happen if the violation is not reported.

The company HAS to give you their name and address when you request this information....just let them know you have their phone number on caller ID and request the name and address...If they hang up or refuse to give you the information I bet they are more "apt" to end up with that big fine.

I have heard from a number of folks on the Do Not Call List who are experiencing violations. I suspect the telemarketing firms are "experimenting" to "see" if they will be reported and have to deal with fines or if it will be profitable for them to violate the list hoping that those of us who chose to opt out will not be diligent in protecting our legal rights to not have to let them have access to calling us at home.

To report a violation just go to the National Do Not Call list
You can also report them for a number of violations including if they call before 8 am or after 9 pm, leave a message on your answering machine and no return phone number.......

If we stand up for our rights I suspect this sudden onslaught of telemarketing calls will settle down once again.


Catzmaw said...

Suggest also that everyone refrain from filling out those free vacation/free car forms one finds at the malls. You know, where they promise two or three free nights in hotels. When you provide your contact information for a contest or give-away you've effectively waived your do not call protection.

Julia said...

My suggestion: also report these types of calls at . It can help other people identify the caller.

Anonymous said...

I have been swamped by home security sales. Asking to be taken off their list is not effective. I now keep them on the line, make an appointment, and give them the address of the local police or sheriff's office. They waste my time, I'll waste theirs.