Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hats On to We The People Congress


I was surfing through the Wayne Madsen Report the other day when I was struck by these very interesting photos that Madsen either took or got the rights to of a Washington rally in front of the White House defending the US Constitution, put on by "We the People Congress"


(click here and scroll down to the March 31-April 1, 2007 insert for Madsen's full article with more photos.)

The characters in the photos are dressed up as the "antihero" in last year's hit movie "V for Vendetta" by the Wachowski brothers, which in turn was based on the historical character, Guy Fawkes. (The official movie website is vforvendetta)

Just as V was taking a strong stand against full-blown totalitarianism in a futuristic Great Britain, in similar fashion (minus blowing up the English Parliament) these "V" protesters outside the White House are taking a strong stand against the very current, creeping totalitarianism of the fear-driven National Security State, which is not so slowly gutting our Constitutional freedoms and rights in the name of fighting that scary spectre from our collective subconsiousness, "TERROR".

"We the People Congress" should be strongly applauded for defending the Constitution in these disjointed times, times when alien ideologies deifying the Warfare State and diminishing the individual are taking root in the Washington Establishment and beyond. Check out their website at givemeliberty (you can click on the article title above too). For their own full article on the White House protest, click here. As our forefathers tirelessly pointed out, eternal vigilance and the courage to defend our liberties are the primary tools we have against what has always been the greatest menace to humanity, the all-powerful State, self-righteous, voracious for power and operating beyond the restraints of morality and ethics.

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