Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cause and Effect: Why America and Our Troops Are Suffering

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The sacred Budhha, the Enlightened One, who saw into the heart of Cosmic Truth, had this to say in the Dhammapada, one of the sacred Buddhist texts:

verse 5: For hatred can never put an end to hatred; love alone can. This is an unalterable law..."

verse 126: "Some are born again; those caught in evil ways go to a state of intense suffering, those who have done good go to a state of intense joy. But the pure in heart enter Nirvana."

verse 127: "Not in the sky, not in the ocean, not in the mountain canyons, is there a place anywhere in the world where a person can hide from his evil deeds."

verse 137 thru 140: If one harms the innocent, suffering will come in these ten ways. He may suffer grief, infirmity, painful accident, serious illness, loss of mind, legal prosecution, fearful accusation, family bereavement, or financial loss; or his house may burn down, and after death he may be thrown into the fire of suffering."

Does this give you any clue as to why thousands of American GIs and recently discharged ex-GIs are sick, neurotic to psychotic with PTSD, alcoholic, drug-addicted or prone to commit crimes back in the States? And does it give you a clue as to why the country is experiencing more and more murder sprees, scandals, catastrophes and misfortunes in general? Not only is the military harming countless innocent beings, but we as a nation are collectively financing the suffering of others. So do not expect things to get better from such poison fruit. They will only get worse until the nation atones and changes its ways.

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