Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Nation et al holding the DEMS Accountable

The Nation reports that the Democrats have put into motion a bill that will give Bush a blank check for the remainder of his term. It is NOT a compromise it is a blank check.

Hopefully, Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans will contact their Senators before the final bill is approved.

ANY war funding giving Bush a blank check and not insisting on accountability is a sell out of the majority of Americans. Heck even the majority of Iraqi's AND the Iraqi parliament want the United States to leave Iraq asap.

Straight talking Keith Olberman has also called the Democratic party leaders out for their "shameful betrayal."

David Sirota over at the Huffington Post has written an interesting piece comparing the current Democratic leadership tactics to Dick Cheney's methodology.

I find it interesting that Democrats in Virginia often criticize Virginian Republicans for "blindly" following the Republican leadership....I'm finding hard to see any difference between either party in Virginia today.

Hopefully, the democratic grassroots in other states will shake their representatives out of this shameful "betrayal" and get things back on course before it is too late....and maybe impeachment will go back on the table??

Community and Country first I say....


Mac said...

What is largely missing in the Democratic Party's so-called stategies are any ethical considerations. These are always trumped by polical expediency and the current national relgious mantra of "Supporting the Troops", putting "the Troops" on a sacred pedestal, as if 18 year old high school grads or dropouts, some with prison records or LA Gang pedigrees, are somehow beatific figures out of the Bible. This is part of the mythology of America that really worships Mars, the God of War, and nothing else, and we know from Greek mythology that Mars was brutal, boorish, stupid and an adulterer, whom Vulcan trapped in a net and put on display while Mars was banging his wife, Venus. This is the deity that the White House supplicates daily.

"Supporting the troops" in the national context basically translates into "Support the troops getting their heads blown off, as well as their legs, arms, hands and feet while they vainly attempt to colonize a sovereign nation for cynical plutocrats and idealogues".

Ethically, America has crossed the line into evil so deeply that we may never recover. If you give any credence to the laws of Karma, which basically state that for every action there is a reaction, ethically speaking, then what do you think America's karma is for a sordid war of lies, fear-mongering and propaganda driven by oil plutocrats, a war that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, damaged the mental and physical health of countless more, destroyed much of the infrastructure of an entrie country, and driven millions of Iraqis into internal and external exile? What will America's payback be for such a tremendous crime? And the Democratic Pary wants to refinance the crime for God knows how many more years because they are afraid of Double Speak semantics. They should really fear what is in store for their souls in the hereafter, not to mention in the here and now.

Mosquito said...

Mac you are so correct...AND this is what makes the Dems spineless and a huge disappointment.

Interesting enough I am not angry with Jim Webb....He fought to get the appropriate restraints on Bush into the bill "almost" to the end...And he is still against supporting that Fair Trade deal the dem leadership is going to try to pull next...tos ell us out. I am disappointed that he did not vote against the bill however....his vote wouldn't have swung it either way and maybe this will give him more ammo in Sept for the Dem's fabled next attempt to stop the war....But it makes no sense for them to put off what they need to be taking care of now...It's Bush who would be needing to make a deal if there was NO war funding legislation passed...

I'm still at a loss as to why the Dems decided to give the spoiled rich frat boy his way and sell out the the troops and the majority of American and Iraqi citizens.....