Friday, July 06, 2007

MEDIA WATCH--Hardball Chris Mathews has a conflict of interest.....

Chris Mathews has been on the list of Media Watch Organization for numerous infractions over the years....

Now he's being exposed once again. Why does Chris Mathews continue to give Ann Coultier air time to spew hate speech with the latest example of suggesting that a terrorist should assassinate a democratic presidential contender.... (She should have been arrested and charged for this offense since she would have been arrested and charged if she had suggested someone should assassinate Bush or Cheney. The double standards of corporate America are mind boggling aren't they?)

So why does Chris Mathews give Ann Coultier air time? Chris Mathews has the same publisher as Ann Coultier. They are both connected with Random House. Coultier can't sell her nasty inaccurate books without air time. Maybe Chris Mathews needs to provide air time to various authors in order to get published.... Talk about a conflict of interest interfering with his news show. Now that is what you would call a WHOPPER of a coincidence.

Have you ever taken the time to read a Chris Mathews book? I tried me his books are not top of the line. I continue to wonder why Chris Mathews has a talk show he has been so wrong on so many issues and events over the last several years.

The pundits have been so wrong for so long I don't even bother to watch their nonsense and propaganda anymore. It's nice to have my Sunday mornings used for more fruitful pursuits.

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Alma said...

Maybe Coulter has the same relationship with Mathews as she does with Bill Maher. Maybe that's how she gets on mainstream media, outside the lopsided "Fox Box." Ain't like it hasn't been done before... right?

Mosquito said...'s not like Coulter is ethical.

Basically though I do my best to ignore Coulter b/c she's all hot air and hype. Chris Mathews is a political pundit who has not only gotten it wrong for years now...but he's also sold out and the air time he consumes each week should be freshened with a competent replacement.