Saturday, July 28, 2007

Watch Gonzalez commit perjury.....Start the Impeachment NOW

Let's see....Congress actually started impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton for lying under oath (about a personal "affair" which killed no one and did not cost the tax payer's a single penny)

So here we have another instance of Gonzalez lying under oath about a government program that is unconstitutional and supplies a solid foundation for impeaching the President of the United States. So when will Congress finally start impeachment proceedings against Gonzalez?


James Young said...

Even assuming for the sake of argument that Gonzales lied, and that the "government program ... is unconstitutional," perhaps you could provide some reason why this "supplies a solid foundation for impeaching the President of the United States."

Other than your existing mania for impeaching President Bush, I mean.

Mosquito said...

James....I disagree that I have "an existing mania for impeaching President Bush." My fervent desire for the Bush/Cheney impeachment is because I value democracy and the rule of law in America.

Bush's impeachable offenses include:

1--using lies and deceptions (including "cherry picked" intelligence) to persuade Congress and the American people to invade a country that did not attack the U.S. nor pose an immediate threat to us.

2--deliberately and repeatedly violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on wiretapping in the United States..conservative constitutional scholars state that this by itself is more than enough reason to impeach this President. (Bush has publicly admitted to doing this also so it's an open and shut case.)

3- violating an international law and treaties (The Geneva Convention and the War Crimes Act of 1996)...Bush and Cheney facilitated the mistreatment ("torture") of US detainees. (There have been recent reports that Bush personally authorized CIA abuse of detainees).

In case you are unaware....Bush is acting like he and his cronies are "above the law" and can do whatever they wish. The corporate media did not report it but last week Bush issued an executive order that stated if Bush determined that anyone was undermining his Iraqi war effort then that person's property (and cash assets) could be seized immediately and Bush asserts that the person can not take their case to court.

Bush is the "enemy within" who is intent on destroying freedom and democracy in America.

I am simply doing whatever I can to push my representatives in Congress to obey their oath of office and supply the checks and balances to protect our constitution and restore habeus corpus and the rule of law in my country.

I prefer to follow the lead of the founders and "take on King George."

IF Congress doesn't do this the next (most likely democratic) President will inherit a Presidential office with the established powers of a dictatorship. Do you really want that to happen James??

Mosquito said...


I forgot to answer your solid foundation question...

I believe if Congress starts impeachment proceedings against Gonzalez (and the man definitely needs to be impeached) they will be surprised by the favorable reaction they will get from the American people. THIS would provide the solid foundation that would hopefully rally Congress to proceed to impeaching Bush and Cheney.....


Howling Latina said...

Well...we could start by impeaching Gonzo aka Abu Gonzales. The New York Times is on our side.

The guy is a liar and is protecting Bush, like the waterboy enabler that he is.