Friday, August 03, 2007

Is Senator Harry Reid doing his job?

As Senate Majority leader, Senator Harry Reid has the ability to prevent President Bush from continuing to abuse his power during Senate recesses. Senator Reid can keep the Senate open by having a Senator show up at the Congress one day every one (or two weeks). Senator Reid did this during the last two week recess of Congress. Bush cannot do things like appoint John Bolton to the United Nations or appoint a new acting attorney general that will not have to have Senate approval.

We called Senator Webb's office this week and Senator Harry Reid's office this morning. We discovered that Senator Reid had not taken the necessary precautions to prevent Bush from once again using the vacation recess to do something like, appoint a new Attorney General that the Senate would not have to approve.

Trust me don't want Alberto Gonzalaz replaced by another "in" White House Counsel such as Cheney's notorious David Addington.

We fought for a democratic Congress so that the checks and balances would be restored.
Please don't fall down on the job Senator Harry Reid.

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