Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is Our Congress Full of Fools?

Contact your Senator and Representative and tell them to stop the Iraq Occupation and Withdraw the Troops. Funding Bush's Iraq Quagmire does NOT support our troops and is not making us safer.

Also REMIND your elected officials that they must do whatever it takes (like Supporting Jim Webb's legislation) that would prevent Bush and Cheney from launching another illegal attack on Iran.....If you thought we had trouble after ain't seen nothing yet. Stop Bush and Cheney from continuing their disastrous plans. They haven't been right about anything in the Middle East and attacking Iran is definitely not the right thing to do. We got good results by being patient and diplomatic with Korea....we need to do the same with Iran. Our next president can do a better job of dealing with Iran if Bush and Cheney don't have a chance to mess it up now.

So get busy folks....

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