Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No End In Sight

If you missed the wonderful evening at the Naro Tuesday night the film--No End In Sight--is definitely worth seeing. It's the finest film about the Iraq War and will give everyone a good idea of how we have come to this quagmire. It's definitely well researched. If you work for a living, (and if you have a family) this film will give you the kind of information that the most ardent news junkie has....and in a short few hours instead of weeks/months of research. An additional plus is that the film is well edited, uses great footage, so it's not a boring documentary of just talking heads. You can find the show times here.

Tuesday's nite viewing was special since David Swanson ( was there to talk and facilitate the discussion after the film. It was definitely a fine discussion. I am becoming more impressed with American citizens. It seems that the majority of us have woken from a deep slumber and nothing the corporate media is "propagandizing" these days is sticking. Folks are definitely starting to put 2 and 2 together.

I was surprised to find that the audience speakers were definitely not going to support Hillary Clinton should she become the Presidential nominee. Hillary is viewed as too far to the right and a "corporate girl." I believe the "corporate girl" moniker is accurate. Folks "love" Dennis Kucinich but unless everyone who "loves" him sends him $100. we don't believe he stands much of a chance given the media blackout on his campaign. (And when the media does decide to cover something it is usally biased in an anti-Kucinich manner).

Folks loved the idea proposed by David Swanson that Edwards and Obama joining together now to form a ticket because this would head off the establishment/corporate Democrats hope of having her be the nominee...the corporate torch bearer so to speak.

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