Monday, October 15, 2007

Another FAUX news report

Is there anyone out there who will even admit to seriously watching this propaganda station?

There must be a few "good german" types out there because Bush still has about 20 -25 percent no matter what he is caught doing....many of the "good germans" appear to be network executives and newspaper owners because the American news tends to bury what is uncovered on George Bush and his minions....Buzz...Buzz...


Mosquito said...

I find it amazing that the neocons don't attempt to dialogue here (nowing that we don't go off on wild dialogues with them) but we only dialogue with folks who are sincerely wanting to discuss the issues.

Another conservative blog has commented that we were attacking a disabled pundit on this blog. It's kind of hard to attack a disabled pundit on their disability if we had no idea the pundit is disabled....we don't have the time to do a life history of all the conservative pundits out there. But we will hold all pundits to the same standard; it would be disrespectful to do otherwise.

Mosquito Blog does not attack folks on issues such as disabilities and that's not the intention with the posting of this video.

But it seems to be the same MO for extremist neocons....don't engage in a debate on the issue raised...but make it about something else.

Personally, I have too many friends, relatives, and clients who are wheelchair bound for reasons to put up with some neocon accusing me of discriminating against someone with a disability. ranging from MS to a broken back. I work hard to understand what they have to put up with living in the USA.

Charles said...

First, I didn't post here because I wasn't commenting on the subject of your article.

At my blog, I was using your post to illustrate the hypocrisy of the left, in that the video you linked attacks a black man, a woman, a Jew, and a disabled person, calling them names and making fun of them for what they are, not what they were saying. If a conservative did that to liberals, the progressive blogs would be screaming about how racist and sexist and bigoted and uncaring "conservatives" were.

As to you complaint about people not having a serious discussion on this thread, the video is not a serious discussion of an issue, it's just a personal hit piece. It misrepresents the discussion, calls people names, and does nothing to contribute to the conversation on the issue. It's just a personal attack.

For example, Kristol was noting that Lt. Michael Murphy from Long Island, killed in Afghanistan, who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, didn't get into the New York Times, and said "there is something sick about our culture when we doesn't acknowledge genuine heros"

The VIDEO put over his face the words: "Peace is Sick".

As if that's what he was saying.

It seems odd that you chose THIS posting to complain that people aren't having a serious conversation. This video does NOTHING to promote serious discussion.

Which is why I used it as an example of liberal hypocrisy.

The video was not yours, I certainly didn't say you were discriminating.

What I said was this:
So imagine the shock when Mosquito Blog, a well-known liberal blog and indicative of the mainstream of Democratic thought, found it funny to post a Youtube video which, in addition to the cardinal sin of calling a black man and a white women "tokens", and making fun of a Jewish person, made disparaging comments to a man who is confined to a wheelchair.

In the video posted at Mosquito Blog here, The disabled man's picture is displayed while a cheezy title is placed over him which says "Scary Lipless NeoClown".

As it if isn't hard enough being trapped in a wheelchair, the Democratic Party apparently thinks being "lipless" is something to laugh at. I expect the mainstream media to begin the public flogging of the Democratic Party leadership at any time, since the audacity of a blogger who clearly is intwined with the party to launch such a viscious attack on one of our less-fortunate citizens is shameful and must be punished.
I was being largely sarcastic, as this blog really isn't well-known, you don't speak for all democrats, the maker of the video doesn't speak for democrats, and the media isn't going to do anything about it.

But frankly, I have no idea what the 'issue' was you were raising here. That it's funny to make fun of people? That Fox news ran a factual segment on Al Gore that you didn't like (if that was true you wouldn't have posted the clown version).

It would have been preferable if you had put a link to my blog entry so everybody reading here could see my post and what I actually said. They would know then that it was written in the "progressive" style to illustrate how liberals attack conservatives for things like this.

But you did post a comment to my site so I knew to come here, and I thank you for that.

I hope this was more of the kind of conversation you are looking for.

In deference to your stated desire to have serious conversation, next time I think to use your posts to make an ancillary point, I'll post a comment first to see what you think.

Charles said...

BTW, you are right that you might not know Charles Krauthammer is in a wheelchair.

But if you watched FOx News for more than 6 minutes, you'd probably know, as they don't hide it.

And if you DON'T watch fox news for more than 6 minutes, you are hardly in a position to be making judgments about all the people that were attacked in this video.

If I say something about Chris Matthews, it will be about what he SAID, not him personally, it won't include calling him names, and it will be after I actually WATCHED him.

Mosquito said...

Charles...first it's well known that at least one study has shown that Fox News viewers are the least informed people in America. There has been no study to contradict this. I have a difficult time watching Fox News b/c I do research the issues using multiple, original sources and the blatant disregard for the facts displayed on Fox News is simply nauseating....I will occasionally try to watch them to get an idea of what the latest spin is just like I will sometimes watch Pat Robertson just to check out what that madman is up to also.

But I do not use Fox News or Pat Robertson as authorities on anything I am researching.

BTW, that video was not made by the Democratic Party as you stated. You need to correct your position there, also. You are also incorrect in labeling the video as sexist, racist,
"ablebody-ist" etc....
(except for the "thin lips" which I would have deleted if I could) the video was directed at the ridiculous statements the pundits were making.

I'm concerned that you did not "get it" that the Fox News pundits were making ridiculous and definitely biased statements.

I have learned one thing ...Charles Krauthammer is in a wheelchair. So I will thank you for that one piece.

However, the bottom line is that you falsely accused me of attacking anyone on the basis of their sex, race, or physical handicap....and I think you are intelligent enough to know that I did not do what you accused me of doing.

However, if your accusation was an honest mistake...i.e. you have a distorted view of what the progressive philosophy and viewpoint is...then you need to do some serious research and learn what the progressive view really entails.

Unfortunately if you depend on Fox News as your source of what's progressive then you will continue to make the same error again and again.

Suddenly I am reminded of the have a choice...will it be the blue pill or the red pill?


Mosquito said...

Charles....This morning I discover a major difference between your blog and mosquito blog. I don't censor the additional comments you wish to make so we can "discuss."

I "noticed" that your blog is not displaying the the second comment I made last night which was a reply to your comment.

Should I conclude that it is a waste of time to make a comment on your blog? (i.e. you prefer to get the last word in instead of engage in an honest dialogue?)